Are you planning on running the London Marathon this year? Perhaps some of your clients are training for the Marathon and want to look lash-tastic as they reach the finish line?

Ok, running is not everyone’s cup of tea, but what about going to the gym, or swimming? Or the sauna? Perhaps some of your clients are keen hockey players or rowers? Are your lashes up to that test of stamina?

Here are my top tips for long lasting lashes:

  • Clean, clean clean: before you apply anything, ensure the client’s lashes are thoroughly cleaned. Any residue from makeup or creams will affect bonding.
  • Take notice of the client’s natural lash: a thin, delicate lash will not hold .25mm lashes, no matter how much glue you use! It’s better to use something a little more modest that will last longer.
  • 100% bonding means 100%: no gaps, and completely bonded lashes from 1-2mm from the root right to the tip.
  • Choose the right glue: if your client is into a lot of sports, use a strong glue that’s more likely to last. Fast Lash is the strongest you will find, but do remember to do a patch test first.
  • After care, after care, after care: if your clients don’t look after their lashes, they won’t last. It’s your job to ensure they know exactly what to do, and that they will do it; if their lashes fall off within a couple of days, they will blame you – and they’ll be right if you’ve not emphasized the importance of after care!

I know these days there are a lot of new techniques for applying more and more lashes for a really dramatic effect. But for ladies who are into their sports, less is definitely more! It’s better to have less dramatic lashes that will last to the end of the Marathon, than big fluttering ones that fall off before they get to Tower Bridge! Your clients will be happier in the long run, if their lashes are still there at the end of the long run!

Let long lasting be your mantra!!


Alison x