Lash Extension Hints and Tips to help you be amazing at what you do!

We’ve put together some great lash extension hints and tips in this article that we hope you’ll find useful in your quest to delight your clients with the best lash extensions they’ve ever had. 

How to use finer and lighter lashes

Today’s topic is light weight lashes, and what’s the difference between thicknesses and curls and how to use them!

Starting with the B curl.  B curl lashes give a lovely lift.

The B curls superceeded  the J curls because they’re more useful as a multi-purpose lash.

B curls are great for blending on the inner corner of the eyes onto a C or D curl too.

If you use B curl on their own they give a soft, lifted and natural looking lash.  Perfect for the client with straighter natural lashes.

Why not create a new look for each and very client?

Creativity is the new word in the lash industry.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and get stuck in a rut.  Be creative and stand out in the crowd ladies!

C curl lashes are wonderful popular lashes that gives a youthful wide eyed look. You can create a gorgeous outer eye area flick, or use all over the eye.

You get the dramatic wide open eye look with the C curl.

D curl lashes are proving to be very popular and in high demand.  They give a beautiful dramatic flick and lift.  They give thickness and density. Try blending them with our B and C curls to give a graduated fanned lash look. Get creative with your lash mapping designs and play with different lengths and thickness to get a spikey textured look!

Lash designing will get you noticed and keep clients coming back.

Mink lashes or Faux mink?

All our lashes are considered ‘Faux mink’.

We do not sell real mink lashes and never will.

They mostly come from mink farms in China who say the minks are ‘lovingly combed’.  We know that’s not true.  Can you imagine trying to lovingly comb a wild mink?!!

Why use mink when faux mink lashes are just as soft.  Clients would never know the difference.

Faux mink lashes give a lovely soft fluffy look with a 3D to 6D appearance.  You can layer these super fine 0.07 faux mink classic lashes to create a lovely volume effect. They’re fantastic to create your own fans for Russian lashes too.  Perfect for Stacking, Graduating and Capping as they are super light-weight which enables you to stack and layer up to 6 x lashes onto a natural lash.

Remember: When applied professionally there should be no damage to the natural lash. We recommend infilling every 14-16 days to keep thicker fuller healthy lashes.

C curl 0.15 lashes

These lashes are just perfect to create a lovely full soft look. The C curl gives a gorgeous open eyed look, used with a B curl on the inner and eye area you can also blend out to the C curls giving a wonderful lift and flick creating drama and glamour that every lash wearer wants and loves.

The 0.15 weight is just great for a very natural looking lash.

0.15 are soft and light weight and easy to apply with great longevity.

0.15 is one of our most popular weight lashes because of its flexibility.  It can be applied to many types of natural lashes from very fine to abundant thick lashes creating a lovely light weight, soft  and natural or full on drama.

Get creative ladies!