I have always been a fan of less is more, even more so as the years have trundled by!!!  I happened to be in Rome the other day and I caught sight of a lady with a dreadful looking lip line.  I could see (from experience) that this was semi permanent makeup gone wrong.  It was a dark, rather wobbly horrid line that I know she will be stuck with for the rest of her days.  Unfortunately she also had far too much makeup on which made matters worse, I really felt for her.

Do be careful with semi permanent makeup or recommending clients to have it, once it is there, it is there.  Of course there are some wonderful semi permanent makeup artists out there, just make sure you find the best, or you get the best training.  I do have some experience in this field, so feel free to comment and ask questions!

So to look good, in my view, these are the things you need to look good whatever your age:-

Groomed defined brows (keeps on the onlookers eyes up away from any dark circles of bags under the eyes)

Defined eyelashes (eyelash extensions, lash perming/lifting or of course a touch of mascara!)

A fine line through the lashes (lash enhancement using a fine point semi permanent makeup pen – it will make your eyes look brighter)

Good skin (foundation should not be heavy) – comes with a good skin care regime, drinking enough water, healthy diet, good stress management and good quality sleep.  Lack of sleep ages you very, very quickly.

Healthy glossy lips (try and find a natural liner like our gorgeous Kate (no 11) ESD pen – just shake and apply to dry grease free lips, allow to dry, but add some natural gloss.  I love the Dior Lip Maximizer, it plumps up and gives a gloss.  Remember the lip liner must match the lip colour and should only be slightly darker!

As therapists our clients look to us for answers as they try to look their best. You should try to become a central beauty resource and fountain of knowledge so try to read up on beauty and have lots of recommendations for your clients, they will be eternally grateful and feel that they always get value for money when they come and see you!

Have fun!!!