Do you ever look at people more successful than you, and wonder what their secret is?

We can learn a lot from people who are successful, not only in the beauty industry but in life in general. Here are a couple of tips I’ve picked up along the way:

  1. Choose people not payscales. When you’re looking for staff, or finding a new job, go for people you can see yourself working well alongside; try to avoid allowing money to drive your decisions. If you are working alongside someone with the same vision and goals as you, you will achieve more together.
  2. Never be afraid to fail. Everyone fails at something. The trick is not to avoid failure, but to learn from what went wrong, and to improve your business model. So you introduced a new treatment, and it fell flat? Never mind. Talk to your customers, and find out why they didn’t want it. Perhaps the price was wrong; perhaps it takes too long, or it’s just not something your customers are interested in. Use that feedback to improve your business. The only true failure is failure to listen.
  3. Be curious and listen. I don’t mean that you should only listen to your clients; listen to people talking in the street about their latest beauty treatment. If you see someone with lashes that look really good, ask them where they got them done and why they chose that place – and listen to their response. You can get an awful lot of inspiration from just listening to what people are talking about.
  4. Lose the pointy elbows. Life is just too short to be constantly worried about your competitors and what they’re up to. Yes, you should absolutely be aware of your competitors, the treatments they offer and their prices – but don’t get all worried that they’re going to steal all your clients! There’s no need to scowl when you see them in the street; definitely no need to bad mouth them. You know you offer a fantastic service, and you know your customers value that. Don’t worry about what other people are doing.
  5. Be true to yourself. It’s really hard to succeed at something if your heart is not in it. If you took a job in a very serious, sober office you might move up a couple of pay grades. You might do reasonably well in your year-end reviews, and you might even become a manager one of these days. But to really soar in your career, I believe it has to be something you really, truly want to be doing. Something you are passionate about; something you really love. If you love working in an office, you will find it easy to move ahead of everyone else who’s just there for the money. If you don’t, you’ll be pushing pieces of paper around that desk until retirement.

The thing about success is that it’s all relative. For some people reading this, their version of success is to run the best salon possible, offering the best treatments and providing customers with the best possible experience. For others, you have your eye on the prize in the distance; you want a chain of salons, lots of staff beneath you, lots of different treatments. Both of these are fine, as long as they are your own personal version of success. Never, ever subscribe to someone else’s version of success; you will never feel successful!

Alison xxx