Weird lies about lash extension adhesives

Unfortunately there are many lies about lash extension adhesives being put out by some companies.  I’d like to clear them up for you in a scientific way so you can see how impossible these claims actually are.

There’s a lot of products coming out of Poland, Russia, China and Taiwan.

Unfortunately, most of these products are not compliant with the UK regulations.

UK regulations have got a lot tougher over the last 5 years.  If you’re using an adhesive that is not compliant and you get a problem, you could find yourself in court for breaking the law.  It really isn’t worth having someone sue you.  It could ruin your career and your life come to that.

There’s even articles coming out about the dangers and side effects of lash extensions like this one.

That’s exactly why our new adhesives are bang up to date.  We want to protect you and give you peace of mind.  We also want peace of mind!

The problem that I have with these products is that the manufacturers are telling lies about lash extension adhesives.

Lie number 1

They’re saying that their adhesives work in any humidity between 10% and 95%.  This is absolute rubbish.   If you were doing eyelashes in a humidity of 95%, that’s like doing eyelashes in the rain.

The ideal humidity is about 50 to 60%, not more, not less.

Lie number 2

With regard to the temperature in the room, they’re saying that their glues operate between 5 and 39 degrees. That’s also absolute rubbish.  For a start 5 degrees is like doing eyelashes in the fridge!  The adhesive would take a very long time to cure.

Can you imagine if you had your room at 35, 36, 37 degrees? Your adhesive would be curing before you’ve even actually got the lash extension to the natural lash.  You’d be dipping the lash extension into the adhesive and by the time you’ve got it over to the actual client, it’s going to be cured already.

Lash extension adhesives perform best in a room temperature between 20 and 24 degrees. In that sort of temperature you can control the temperature and the curing of the glue.

Lie number 3

The other thing they’re saying about their adhesives is that they’re so pure, there’s no vapours.  This one is funny 🙂

If their adhesives are fast setting adhesives, they will be ethyl grades.  If they’re ethyl grades, the ethyl grade molymers have a characteristic odour.   You can’t actually get rid of the odour 100%, and that’s also a scientific fact.

Of course in the future there will always be new developments, but we can categorically say that no-one can get rid of the odour at this moment in time. It’s impossible to have a fast setting adhesive that’s so pure with no vapours.  That’s a lie.

The only way you can get a very low odour adhesive is to use an ethoxy molymer.  These molymers are low odour, but have a slower set speed.

Our magical manufacturer has produced a magic product that speeds up these low odour adhesives, so you can now have the low odour with a faster set speed.  Check out our Magic Primer here!

Don’t listen to the lies about lash extension adhesives

My advice to you…get the facts and then decide!