I have been looking at some really ridiculous images lately and thought it would be a great topic for this week’s blog as everyone keeps asking about 6D Lashes.  It’s all very well loading your client’s eyelash extensions on, but will they be able to see? Extreme I know, but having loads and loads on might look nice if you like that sort of thing, but they will be so uncomfortable.  Imagine the weight on the client’s eyelids!  Her daily life will become the eyelash gym and her eyelids will start growing muscles!

Joking aside, there comes a time when eyelashes are eyelashes whatever you call them. People just want gorgeous long eyelash extensions that look amazing. They don’t want to have eyelids that get tired of holding the weight of masses of lashes and they certainly don’t want to be irritated all day by the work of an over enthusiastic therapist.

Getting back to basics as we seem to have forgotten what our foundations are, let’s look at the difference between Express Lashes and Standard Lash extensions.  Standard Lashes are one lash on one lash with 100% bonding.  This means that you put your wholesale eyelash extensions on as many of the client’s lashes that are available and your goal is to get them 100% bonded so they stay on.  If you remember, the lashes will last longer if your eyelash extension products on medium length lashes as they still have enough life to make the extension long lasting.  If you put lashes on baby lashes they will not hold and start to twist.  Of course we do put lashes on the longer lashes to balance the look and get as many on as possible, but you should try and get all those lovely medium ones first.  This is the foundation of long lasting eyelash extensions. The client will then come for infill’s every 2-3 weeks.  This way there will be no damage to the natural lashes because you are not sticking any together, it’s strictly one on one!   The lash extension will come off when the natural lash is ready to fall out.  It’s that simple!

Express Lashes on the other hand are fun and quick…..and yes, you can layer them as deep as you like.  Just bear in mind that you will be sticking lashes together and your client will need to come back to have them removed.  You can’t infill Express Lashes.  Express Lashes eyelash extensions are designed to give your client a taster of what it’s like to have wonderful lashes and for you to be able to offer quick sets so clients can come and go as it says on the tin ‘Express’.  Express Lashes are great for festive times of the year when more client’s may have lashes for parties so it is a must on your menu, but please remember the difference between Express and Standard and make sure your client understands which type she is having. Remember it is up to us to educate and be the expert.  Click here for information on training.

Don’t worry or get hung up on buzz words 5D, 6D 10D who cares, just remember to be safe and make sure the client goes away comfortable and beautiful.

Have fun.