Your phone is ringing, your hands are tied with eyelash extensions and clients galore…but it’s fine, you’ll just let it go to voicemail and call whoever it was back later… DANGER!!

Whether you’re a busy salon owner or work for yourself, let’s face it, the more business that comes through your door, the better! We don’t want to worry where our next eyelash extension client is coming from, or whether we are looking after our current clients well enough to make them want to stay loyal!

One simple way to ensure that you drum up the business and keep your current eyelash extension clients sweet is…your voicemail! You are there to help them and they are your valued customers, let them feel the personal touch by leaving a welcoming message by the voice they know and love!

Here’s an example of what you could say to guarantee your caller feels attended to from the minute they pick up the phone.

Hello, you’ve reached [insert name and salon here]

Thank you so much for your call, we are sorry we can’t get to the phone right now.

Please do leave me your name, number and a short message, I will call you back just as soon as I can.

In the meantime, please do send me an email if this would be easier for you [enter email address here].


1. Make sure you return the call as soon as you can. I know sometimes it seems impossible to fit anything else into your already packed day. But these people could just bring you that extra custom you need, and their friends, and friends of friends… I would absolutely hate to see you miss out on fantastic business opportunities for something so simple..

2. Try smiling whilst your are recording the message – it really does bring out the cheerful therapist your clients want!

Remember, first impressions mean everything, and so do your loyal eyelash extension customers… make sure they get a true glimpse of you!

Happy chatting!

Love Alisonxx