Looking at a few of the case studies coming in this week from the eyelash extension training, one of the things I notice is the problems with the inner corners of the eye.  Usually the inner corners appear sparse and there are never enough on the inner corner to look in balance with the rest.  So, here are my inner corner eyelash extension tips:

If you are using the .25mm eyelash extension products, you need to be careful with lashes that are fine and short. If you put .25mm on the inner corner, they will be too heavy and twist or fall to the right or the left, which will not look nice at all.

Firstly you should consider the thickness of the client’s eyelashes before agreeing to put the thickest possible as:

A)  they will not stay, and B) they will fall to one side or the other.

It’s all very well wanting to get as many eyelash extensions on as possible and as thick as possible, but if they fall off in five minutes it’s not worth the bother!  The .25mm eyelash extension products will stay if the client has reasonably thick healthy lashes herself, so bear that in mind!

Secondly if you have decided that The .25mm eyelash extension product is right for your client, think about graduating the lashes in to the inner corner from .2mm down to 7mm. That way the eyelash extensions will look much more balanced and natural and they will stay longer.

Thirdly, you should not put any on the last few lashes going into the inner edge as this is a super sensitive area, they will irritate the client and if you put eyelash extensions on there, they won’t stay anyway.

So, fundamentally, what you do with the inner corners matter to the final look of the lashes. If you are new, it is something that will come in time…be kind to yourself and know that it is only practise that will make you a professional!