Excitement at AHF HQ, we’re introducing you to our new types of lash extension adhesives.

I’m excited to be writing about new types of lash extension adhesives. Never seen before!

When we first started we only had one adhesive.  When I look back we can see that it really wasn’t that good. It was a bit crude and the lashes didn’t last that long.  If this industry was to survive, we had to find a solution.

New types of lash extension adhesives at AHFrancisWe kept on going back to the manufacturers and kept saying ‘we want it stronger… we want it faster’. In those days it took an awful long time to do a set of modest lash extensions.

So…they worked on new types of lash extension adhesives

Let me explain a bit about adhesives…

There are different grades of adhesives being used in the industry, but the ones we use are either an Ethoxy grade or Ethyl grade.  Let’s look now first of all at the ethoxy grade…

An ethoxy grade adhesive has a characteristic low odour and needs less moisture to set.  High odour adhesives need much more moisture to set and they will draw moisture from the eyes which is why the eyes often sting. Because low odour adhesives need less moisture to cure they don’t sting the eyes in the same way, but they do have a slow set speed. The ethoxy grades, however, are super flexible and very strong.

The longevity of the ethoxy grades is amazing, but they take a long time to dry so they can be frustrating to work with.

Now…we have a solution to that

We’ve been working on this for years. In fact, our Pro Blend is an ethoxy grade with some additives to increase the set speed, but we still wanted more.

This is where it gets interesting…

The ethyl grades are highly reactive grades and they have been quite difficult for the manufacturers to work and give us what we want!  Remember these types of adhesives originate from industrial glues. They’ve been purified down to make them suitable for us to use in the beauty industry and for use near the eyes. However, it’s been a complicated task.

Let’s now move on to the Ethyl grade molymer.

As we’ve seen, the ethoxy molymer has is the slow speed and doesn’t require moisture to set. When the clients slightly opened their eyes, the fumes go into the eyes because the adhesive is looking for the moisture to cure.

Do you remember those atomizers that came out?

Atomizers were designed to help these adhesives dry really quickly by spraying moisture into the atmosphere near the client’s eyes.

I don’t recommend atomisers at all.

All they do is shock cure the adhesive.  When the adhesives are shock cured, they become very brittle. When the adhesive becomes brittle it can start breaking the natural eyelashes off with the lash extension.

To avoid using these tactics, I’ve always recommended to have the client keep their eyes closed for at least 5-10 minutes before she opens them.  This allows the adhesive to dry sufficiently without drawing moisture from the eyes.  The client should also be sitting up before she opens her eyes.

That’s what we’ve been dealing with…. until now.

In our range of adhesives, we have the Pro Blend.  ProBlend is an ethoxy grade. It’s slower curing, great for beginners and for sensitive clients because it does not have the odour problem of the Ethyl grades.

Remember the Ethyl grades have a characteristic odour and the ethoxy grades have a low odour. The ethyl grade has a very fast set speed, and the ethoxy has a low set speed.

Because we wanted adhesives to be stronger and faster drying, but something for the sensitive souls and newbies, we came up with Strong Bond.

Strong bond is a one of the new types of lash extension adhesives

Strong Bond is a combination between the ethoxy grade for the low odour and the ethyl grade for the set speed.  Now we’ve got is the best of both worlds. We’ve got a mix, which means we’ve got still the low odour but we’ve got a better set speed with the added strength.

The Strong Bond has superseded our Pro Blend. In effect, Strong Bond is the revamped or renewed Pro Blend.  It’s our sensitive grade with additives to help with the set speed and maintain the characteristic low odour of a sensitive adhesive.

We’re very excited about this, because this is better than the Pro Blend, it’s a better set speed, and it’s actually stronger and really flexible.

This new mix has never been done before. We call it a hybrid. It’s very exciting, and I think you are going to love it.

The next one our lovely people have come up with, is the Super Bond.

Now, the Super Bond is the ethyl grade. It is the ethyl grade with a super fast set speed.   Super bond is a very high performance glue with really good resistance…much better than anything we’ve had yet.

…and it’s got a very good consistency to work with and it’s a reasonable low odour considering it’s an ethyl grade thanks to the new developments in additives.

Super Bond is really good middle of the road glue with a great set speed.

It’s good for technicians who are good at what they do and want a faster set speed.  It does still give you that little bit of time to manipulate it around if necessary.

This Super Bond is a much better performance, stronger and more flexible than MasterLash.

Now if you want it fast…that’s arrived too! Flash Bond is the fastest set speed yet.

It dries in about a second.

…you have to be a really experienced technician for Flash Bond.

It’s not for the faint hearted. It’s dam fast!!

Lastly and very importantly…

We’ve not just upgraded our adhesives because we want better which of course we do.  We wanted to be bang up to date with regulations.

So you’ve got amazing adhesives that are super safe!