Often the first thing we notice about a person is their eyes. Good lashes and brows can make a subtle yet positive difference to our look. You don’t always have to go for the dramatic, long and thick eyelash extensions in order to update your look; there are lots of small changes you can make that will make you look fabulous, without it being immediately obvious what you’ve had done.

I wish I’d learned about eyebrow shaping years ago; a good brow shape can make a massive difference to a face. I can’t believe I didn’t realise that my nondescript, shapeless brows were doing me no favours at all!

Often our clients will want to update their look and do something a little different, but for whatever reason they can’t have a set of lash extensions. Perhaps they have allergies, or they’re not able to commit to the aftercare routine that’s required to make extensions a worthwhile investment.

One of my favourite treatments is a lash lift and tint. Using carefully placed rollers, you can flick the lashes out at the tips, adding an instant curl to open out the eyes. This is an instant fresh and wide-awake look, and wonderful for ladies who want to look glamorous but can’t have extensions. A tint and lift is a great way to look wonderful, but with little effort once the initial treatment has been completed.

Perhaps your client is a busy mum who is always on the go, but still wants to look fresh-faced and perky.

Perhaps she is a career girl with a fast paced life filled with late night networking; she’ll love that wide awake look!

Maybe she’s super sporty, always running or cycling or rowing or swimming; a set of long, luscious lashes would get in her way, and probably not last long when faced with all that swimming, chlorine and sweat! That doesn’t mean she won’t want to look glamorous from time to time – or all the time!

A lash tint and lift is the perfect pre-holiday treatment for someone who intends to be in and out of the pool or the sea, too busy socialising and sight-seeing to be able to maintain an aftercare regime.

Just because a lady doesn’t have the time to maintain a full set of extensions, or is unable to wear them for other reasons, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to look glamorous. After all, who doesn’t want to be a bit glam from time to time?

Have fun with it too!