Being in lashes is so very rewarding. We have the power to make someone who is feeling quite down on themselves feel amazing again. We’re actually able make a real difference to someone’s life when we give them eyelashes.  This is what she said about her lashes:-

“Oh my god”, “they are so beautifully curled, I could never get them like that with my lash curler”, “this treatment is a serious game changer”

I know it’s difficult to believe that you could get more of an OMG reaction with Lash Lifting than lash extensions, but it’s true.  The reason why is because the client really didn’t realise she had the potential for her very own lashes to look like that!  If you watch the video below (she does a bit too much of a personal introduction unfortunately), you’ll see you transformation and reaction.  Once you’ve seen the video go down this post for the critique!


I’ve a couple of comments about the way the treatment was done and the result.

Don’t ever cover with plastic like that, it squashes the solution all over the roller and you risk over curling the lashes. My recommendation is to lightly drop a cotton wool pad and rest a headband over the top.  If she has seen my Top 12 tips for the perfect Lash Lift freebie.  Click here to go to the Freebies page and download it for free.

She said the lashes on the left are slightly more curled than the right. Check out my Top 12 tips for the perfect Lash Lift from the Freebies page, and you’ll see where the therapist has gone wrong.

I explain that in my 12 top tips downloadable for free on the Freebies page.

I always recommend a lash tint with the Lash Lift for a more finished look.  Take the rollers or shields off and tint as normal.  If the lashes have take properly, it will not affect the Lash Lift at all.

Enjoy your clients’ reactions!