When you first begin to learn something new, there’s a tendency to become completely immersed in it, perhaps a bit obsessed even. If you discover something that resonates with you, you want to know all about it, and learn everything there is to know.

This can especially be the case when you’re training to become a lashpreneur. You want to be able to offer all the treatments, every possible experience. After all, you want to be the best! But when you’re offering lash treatments, it’s so, so important that you get the foundations right first. That boring old saying is so true: Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If you’re just starting out, it’s important to realise that you won’t be perfect straight away. Allow yourself at least 30 treatments before you can start to speed up and become good. When you’re learning, don’t expect lashes to last as long as they should; until you’ve got it absolutely right, expect a few failures!

My advice: get lots and lots of models! Your mum, your friends, your mum’s friends, your friends’ mums! I know you have to do them for free, but that’s better than taking the money for treatments that are not quite up to standard yet. You want to retain customers, so it’s best not to take any money until you’re absolutely sure you’re at your best. Also – if you offer free treatments to lots of people, they may well become paying customers once you’re charging for your fabulous service!

Once you have your foundations right, you can move on to your advanced techniques – but again, slow and steady is the key. Don’t try to do everything, all at once – you’ll end up failing at all of it. With each new technique you use, work hard to perfect it first before charging anyone for it, or moving onto the next one.

Once you’ve done your foundation, the next obvious treatment to try is Express lashes. Once you’ve perfected them, you could maybe try bottom lashes. But remember – make sure you’ve perfected one, before you move onto the next. It’s better to go slowly and steadily and do things really well, than to have people coming back demanding a refund because the treatment has not worked properly.

I know it’s tempting to just do everything now, and worry about the details as you go – but calm down! There’s no need to rush. Trust me; you’ll get there in the end, and you’ll be a much better lashpreneur for it!

With love

Alison x