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We’ve got the best eyelash extension and eyelash products in the business.  If you’re an lash technician looking for lash products or advice on lash extensions, Lash Lifting or any other lash treatments, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for technical help and advice on eyelash extensions or eyelash treatments, our team will help you.  If you need business and marketing help, we’ve got tips and strategies available to get your diary jam packed.


Talk to us about our first class lash training.  Incredibly high quality technical training and ongoing one to one support.

When you train with us, you become part of the family.


Everything for the aspiring Lashpreneur, you’ll find in our shop.  All products are carefully sourced for quality.  Our adhesives are made for strength and formulated to our requirements so we can serve you better.


Our technical advice is free. All you need to do is make that call and we’ll talk you through anything you’re struggling with and send you any extra resources you need.  Check out the different ways to get help.

Lashpreneur Essentials

lash products, extensions, training, glues, application kits

AHFrancis Classic Lash Lift

The AHFrancis Classic Lash lift is designed to give the maximum lift each and every time. We’ve got 30 years experience under our belt to share with you!


lash products, extensions, training, glues, application kits

AHFrancis Procedure tools

Here, you’ll find your tools of the trade.  Tweezers, gel pads, lash mirrors and specialised accessories to help you get the very best results.


lash products, extensions, training, glues, application kits

AHFrancis Adhesives

Designed for strength, AHFrancis adhesives are meticulously designed for safety and strength.We work with the manufacturers to our specific requirements to bring the very best.


lash products, extensions, training, glues, application kits

AHFrancis Rapid Volume

Rapid Volume lashes were designed by AHFrancis to give you volume lashes in half the time. Check out our abundance of depths, curls and thicknesses.


lash products, extensions, training, glues, application kits

AHFrancis Classic Lashes

Classic lashes in all the lengths, shapes and curls you can imagine.  Our lashes are sources for their quality.



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