Just how do you make sure that your lash extension treatments are right for your clients?

Whilst it’s very important to carry out a thorough eyelash extension consultation (check out our professional consultation forms here) your work doesn’t just start there!

The consultation will help to determine your client’s needs, for example, whether she wants a full or more natural look and whether she’s looking to keep them long term or just for a party. But that’s only half the story. Before you get to the consultation, you need to be clear on your lash menu and pricing.

So, what do I mean by this?

All too often I see salons offering a limited range of lash services. Yet we all know that there are many different ‘looks’ you can achieve, each one taking a different length of time to create.

An easy way to split up your eyelash extension menu is to do it by look, for example, natural, defined and the false lash effect.

You can then put different prices tags on each look depending on the time it’s going to take you to do.

For example, you’re going to need more time to create a false lash effect than you would for a more natural look, right?

You can have just a few looks on your menu or you may prefer a more detailed list.

Express Lashes, for example, can be broken down into two looks: the natural look will take you about 20 minutes and the false lash look may take you closer to 40.

There are two main advantages to this approach to your pricing.

Firstly, you can charge more for the looks that you spend the most time creating, which means you won’t feel cheated when the client asks for more, more, more eyelash extensions!

Secondly you will able to offer a cheaper option for looks that are quick to create, which is great for clients who think they can get the look ‘cheaper down the road’ as they’ll see that you do a ‘good price’ too.

If you’re a lashpreneur that takes time to read the advice on my blog, I’m confident you’ll be doing a great job and so your clients will be delighted with any look you create. The ‘down the road’ price might be cheap, but you have no idea what they are turning out … unfortunately I do, I have seen a great deal of sub-standard lash work in my time – but that’s a matter for another day!

Anyway, back to your list of treatments!

Here are some suggestions for lash treatments you could include on your menu:

[blog-header] Audrey Hepburn Sweep – Express (should take you 10 minutes)

Audrey Hepburn Sweep – Standard (will take you 20-30 mins)

Natural – Express Lashes (20 mins)

Natural – Standard lashes (1 hour)

Defined – Express ( 30 minutes)

Defined – Standard (1 1/4hrs)

False Lash Effect – Express (40 minutes)

False Lash Effect – Standard (1.5 hours)

0.07 Super Natural – Express (30 minutes)

0.07 Super Natural – Standard (1 hour)

0.07 Defined – Express (40 minutes)

0.07 Defined – Standard (1 1/4 hours)

0.07 False Lash Effect – Express (1hour)

0.07 False Lash Effect – Standard (1 1/2 – 2 hours) [/blog-header]

Of course there are other options – and you could choose wonderful names for each service – this is just to get you started!

But here’s the thing … you must make it clear to the client that if they wants loads of lash extensions on, it is a different price than if they want a really natural look.

Don’t allow your clients to book in for ‘just eyelash extensions’. Define what they are having in advance and price it right. You’ll feel that you’re getting properly paid for your fab work and your client will learn the difference between the types of techniques and looks.

The morale of this story: always be clear and upfront with your clients – it’s the best policy.

By the way, you can learn my secrets for gorgeous sets of Express Lashes online now … click here to find out more!

Enjoy all the different looks!!