We all know that a good glue is fundamental.  Of course, we can’t blame the glue for bad techniques and applications, but outside of that, we absolutely have to have the right glue.

When I first brought lashes into the UK, there was just one choice.  In those days, it took ages to dry and the lasting power was nothing like the new generation glues we have today.  As I see it, there are two definitive types of glue that we should have on our trolley.  A quick drying and a medium drying glue.  Beginners needs are different from an experienced lashpreneur.  A medium drying glue is important for lashpreneurs who have not quite got their speed up.  If the glue dries too quickly, they could get in a terrible mess.

Experienced lashpreneurs on the other hand, will want a fast drying glue so that the speed of the glue does not inhibit the potentially quick treatment times.  It is extremely frustrating if you know you are quick, but your glue lets you down.

Bottom Lash techniques will require a non fume glue.  Our technique is with eyes closed, but on application, the lids are slightly eased apart, even so, the fumes from the glue will immediately get drawn to the moisture in the eye and cause severe stinging.  We recommend ProBlend, our fumeless glue, for bottom lash techniques.

Volume lashes are usually done by experienced Lashpreneurs who want speed and endurance, this is where our FastLash comes in.  It is fast drying and has amazing endurance.

Now for those experienced Lashpreneurs who are really, really quick, we are about to launch a brand new generation of glue called MasterLash. This glue is specifically for them and absolutely not for those still working on perfecting their technique.  Our chemists are constantly working to bring you more speed, less odour and more endurance, three qualities that are very hard to combine in one glue…but they have done it!  We bring you a glue that is super fast, when I say super fast, I mean super fast.  This glue is specifically designed for experienced lashpreneurs who do lashes all day, and certainly NOT for newbies.  The improved water resistance and endurance of this glue means that clients that go swimming a lot or have occasional saunas will not compromise the length of time their lashes last.  In addition to this, the odour is greatly reduced.  Fast drying and long lasting has always brought with it strong fumes in the laboratory and it has taken years to find a way to have the two qualities without the smell.  Yipee, this is so exciting!

If you want all the positive qualities of these highly technical grade glues, you have to make sure you pay attention to your room temperature.  A cold room means the glue will dry slower and any fumes remain in the air.  An ambient temperature or comfortable temperature is recommended so that any fumes evaporate straight away.

If you have any glue questions, pop them on our Facebook page, or email me!