Our amazing Rapid Volume adhesive has been an amazing success. It’s light and strong and one of the first adhesives developed for specific treatments.  This one is for our Rapid Volume fans.

“I love this glue. So quick drying and works to well with the RV lashes”


“Great glue with amazing retention”


We caught up with our expert adhesive mastermind, to ask him a few questions about the Rapid Volume adhesive.

  • What prompted you and Alison to design and create a new adhesive?

With the launch of the Rapid Volume lashes, we needed to create an adhesive that is suitable for this new style of lashes. Over the years, adhesives have evolved with the different techniques and this new adhesive reflects this.

  • How does the Rapid Volume adhesive differ from other adhesives and what makes it special?

This particular adhesive is quite special as its formulation means that it doesn’t affect the shape of the lash extension in any way: the lashes will keep their original shape.  It is a fast-drying adhesive and incredibly strong which is important with the Volume Fan lashes. We believe that it has a very user-friendly consistency.

  • Do technicians still need to patch test with this adhesive?

Absolutely! Technicians should always patch test their clients and this is especially important if they are using a different adhesive.  The adhesives all have different ingredients and a reaction to an unfamiliar product is possible.

  • We intended this adhesive for our Rapid Volume technique, but it’s so versatile – could it be used for other treatments?

No. The Rapid Volume adhesive is suitable for volume fan treatments, but it is not advised that you use it with classic lashes and it should not be used for lash lifting or for open eye treatments.

  • Does it need to be stored differently to other adhesives?

No. Technicians should store it in the same way as they store their other adhesives, avoiding temperature extremes and keeping the temperature as constant as possible. Ideally, mobile technicians should not be leaving adhesives in their cars overnight, but taking them indoors and storing them in a cool, dry environment.

  • Where can I get it?

The great news is that you can buy it right now in our shop. Just follow this link.

We are sure that you’ll be impressed by our super new glue. Certainly the technicians who have tried it are:

“The Rapid Volume glue is beautifully light and fine to use. I love that it is virtually fume free, plus it’s strong and snap dries.

The longevity is fabulous”