Great, you’re interested in volume lashes


Rapid volume = volume lashes in half the time and without the fuss


Exclusively developed, Rapid Volume allows you to do volume lashes in half the time of traditional volume or Russian Lashes. This means you can fit in more treatments, delight more clients, and earn more money.

The AHFrancis Rapid Volume system uses pre-formed fans allowing you to create gorgeously light and fabulously full lashes that your clients will love. There is no more fiddling around making up the fans yourself.

These are not ordinary fans with that ugly bulb of glue; they’re thoughtfully and carefully made so they’re smooth at the root. Your clients will barely know they’re there. Even clients with fine lashes can get a weightless, volume full look.

Clients who are time poor will benefit as this treatment is faster.

“I absolutely love my Rapid Volume lashes and will never wear any others now. I love the fine fluttery and weightless effect. I also love the fact that as opposed to Russian volume they take a fraction of the time to transform my eyes. I’ve now had them on 3 weeks and they make my eyes feel so pretty and look like they belong to me naturally”



Get the look at an exclusive AHFrancis Rapid Volume workshop

Rapid Volume is suitable for fully qualifed lashpreneurs. It’s best to be proficient in individual lash extensions before taking this next step. As long as you’re confident in lashes, you will soon be achieving a great volume look on your clients using the Rapid Volume technique.

To get ahead of your competition and accredited in the technique, you will need to attend a 6-hour Rapid Volume workshop, which is fully accredited by the Beauty Guild.

With a choice of locations across the UK, our workshops are designed to show you how to combine the product and technique together to create fabulous looks for different clients, ensuring your treatments are a great success.

You will need to have completed a Foundation course (from any recognised trainer) and share a copy of your Foundation diploma prior to attending the workshop.

Still unsure? Click here to book a call with us, so we can chat through your training options.


Rapid Volume lashes
Credit: Lashes by Karen Gunning, AHFrancis Trainer

What will I get from the workshop?


  • It’s the latest trend – As a professional lashpreneur, you’re always looking to improve your skills and what you offer your clients. With Rapid Volume, you can delight your current clients and attract new ones
  • It’s good business sense – Whether you’re a salon owner or a mobile therapist there are only so many hours in a day. With Rapid Volume, you can do more sets of volume lashes in a day, resulting in more happy customers and more money in your pocket. Cost to you per treatment approximately £25, the customer treatment cost would be triple this
  • Small workshops – So you get plenty of individual attention and practice. There will be no more than six places on each workshop. At our Rapid Volume workshop (and beyond) you will receive individual training and support from the AHFrancis team ensuring you are confident in the technique and passionate about this treatment and the Rapid Volume products
  • The relevant theory so you’re confident combining different types of lashes to suit your individual clients
  • A practical session so you can practice the technique with expert support on hand to help (you will need to bring your own model)
  • Your trainer will provide a course manual and workbook to refer back to covering all aspects of the course, including contraindications
  • Marketing tips and promotional material
  • The support of the AHFrancis team to help make your Rapid Volume treatment a great success

What our happy customers are saying

We’ve obviously tested and refined our products and techniques during our development process. Here is what some of our happy customers have said.

“I love the way they look. They don’t look like false lashes, they just look like I have fabulous natural lashes”

“They feel so soft and are really comfortable to wear. I can barely feel them”

“I am delighted with my new lashes. They look full and healthy yet still quite natural. They feel good too – very light … I forget I have them on”

“They feel quite soft compared to other lashes. I would certainly recommend them”