As lashpreneurs, we need to do everything we can to avoid eyelash extension reactions occurring so I thought a quick reminder of how to avoid the dreaded reaction scenario would be useful.  My golden rule for the last twenty five years is ‘If in doubt, leave it out’ and it has served me well.  You know when you go against that voice inside that says “better not do this client” and it proves to be right. Always listen to your inner lashpreneur wisdom!!

Eyelash extension reactions depend on a number of factors, so let’s re-cap on the various points concerning safety and minimising the possibility of false eyelash reactions.

False eyelash patch testing is fundamental and you must put 2-4 lashes on one eye and leave for 48 hours. What is the point of just putting glue behind the ear when it’s no-where near the eye?

Be careful with your eyelash extension application, there should be .5mm-1mm gap between the lash root and the lash extension.  False eyelash extensions butted right up and touching the skin will irritate, and a reaction may not even be the glue but the lash extension scratching the delicate eyelid.

If using a fumey eyelash extension glue, do not let the client open the eyes for about 10 minutes. Sit the client up and be patient.  If the client opens her eyes before the glue is dry the fumes will irritate the eyes, and the client will be on the phone in the morning complaining about puffy, sore eyes for sure.

Use your intuition when deciding which eyelash products and glue to use on particular clients.  You know that some clients are generally more sensitive and high maintenance than others.  Those are the ones that you should use the sensitive glue on.  Don’t let the clients decide.  You decide, after all, you are the professional!

If a client does get a reaction from any of your eyelash products, ideally you need to see it, everyone’s version is different and exaggeration sometimes causes unnecessary stress – for you!

Any reactions, remove the eyelash extensions straight away, waiting to see if they settle down is not recommended!

Let’s be safe and not sorry ladies!