It’s true we don’t have to remove lashes very often. 

But when we do, we need the right stuff!

It would be awful if a client called you with an allergic reaction and you didn’t have the right removers on your trolley.

Lashes need removing properly. 

Clients should never be left to pick them off. Even though you tell them not to, they will, if they dont know any better.  If you’re doing Express Lashes, you know they need removing properly so you should book your client in for the removal at her application appointment.  If you include the removal in the price, she won’t have an excuse not to come.  More often than not, if clients have to pay for removal, they will probably not come.

Another important point to remember is that clients often forget how their natural lashes were and they get very used to having thick, luscious lashes.

When you remove them, she may say that the lash extensions have ruined her own lashes.  You can reassure her that nothing has happened to her lashes whilst she was wearing eyelash extensions, she just got used to more length and thickness!!!

When you come to the remover, it should not involve you tugging away at the lashes trying to get them off.

You should soak the lashes with the gel remover and then finish with the liquid remover.

If you follow this procedure, you’ll remove lashes efficiently without your client huffing and puffing on your couch wondering if you are ever going to finish.  Don’t forget she is busy!

  1. Apply gel pads under the eyes so that the skin is protected.  The remover should not touch the skin.
  2. Apply gel remover and make sure the lashes are well coated.  You can be generous as the gel will not run.  Massage the gel into the lashes with your microfiber brush.
  3. Leave for 5 minutes so it starts to break down the glue.
  4. Continue removal with liquid by dipping the microfibre brushes into the liquid remover, blotting on tissue to make absolutely sure there are no drips and remove as normal.

You must always blot the remover, if any drips go into your clients eyes, it will really sting.

I’ve extensively experimented extensively with removal, and this is by far the most efficient procedure.  You need Gel Remover and Liquid Remover!