You are going to get clients that keep coming back insisting that their lashes are falling off. In most cases, of course, something is happening to affect the longevity of the lashes.  Your job is to work out what is going on.

Some of you ladies call in, often with the same questions, so I thought it could be a good discussion for this week.

Firstly, you need to do everything you can to make your client happy.  Why?  Because you don’t want her bad mouthing the treatment, and you don’t want to lose face.  Here is the senario.

‘Client is new to lashes and very excited.  You do a beautiful set, and off she goes into her life.  A few days later, the phone goes and she says ‘loads have fallen off’.  At that point, you ask her to come in and top up for free.  The following week, the phone goes again, and she says the same thing is happening’

What do you do?

Step 1

You go through your check list:

Starting with you

Did you cleanse the client’s lashes with the protein remover pads?  This is a very important step as it removes any grease or dust from the lashes.  They may look clean, but most likely they are not. Imagine trying to stick wall paper to a slightly greasy, dusty wall.  Right, it won’t stick for long before it bubbles and starts to peel off.  This is the same for lash extensions.  You can’t expect the glue to stick properly unless the natural lashes are clean right from the start.

When you did the lashes, can you ‘honestly’ say that they were 100% bonded?  No gaps or twisting lashes.  The lash extension is attached from 1mm away from the lid right to the tip?  I know you know this stuff, but you have to ask yourself when the client starts saying her lashes are falling off.  You know if the treatment went well, or the client’s lashes were actually tricky because they were curling in a weird way, or dead straight?

Did you apply the sealer after waiting 10 minutes?

Did the client go with instructions to use the sealer, and the correct mascara?

Did the client go with instructions about how to look after her lashes?

What glue are you using?

Is your glue out of date?

What is the temperature of your room?  Is it too hot?  That an cause the glue to dry to quickly and make the bonding brittle

Ok, now let’s go to the client

Were there any unusual circumstances that could have affected the lashes.  For example, perhaps the client had a bereavement and cried for 3 days solid?  Does she do a lot of swimming? Did she ‘happen’ to go into a sauna the very next day she had her lashes done?  Is she using eye masks?  Odd question I know, but does she sleep on her face?  Some clients are very restless during the night and their face puts pressure on the lashes.  Is the client contra-indicated?  Maybe her lashes are very tricky to do and you would be better saying no and giving her a lash lift instead?

I think it is important to offer proper trouble shooting and being thorough with yourself too

Be patient with your client, if you go through the check list there will be a logical reason why the lashes are not lasting.

Any stories anyone?

With love