Do you have the mindset for success? Employee mindset or business owner mindset?

“I did not get there by wishing or hoping for it, but by working for it” Estee Lauder

Success is all about mindset. It’s about thinking outside the box and never being afraid to give. You can be successful in an employment situation if you could shift your psychology more towards the mindset of a business owner. You will soon find yourself moving up the ladder of success.

Most of us start our career employed as it feels more secure, and when we are very young we may not have the resources we need to work for ourselves. We get paid for our holidays and have none of the headache of owning our own business. We turn up and leave work at the appointed hour. There will be a certain amount of paid holiday which may have to be taken when convenient for the business, but when we are not working we are being paid….phew!

This may all sound marvelous, with no stress, just turn up and voila, work somehow magically appears.

There are two types of employees, those that ‘expect’, give very little, rock up for work unprepared and reluctantly give any time that they are not paid for. The other type of employee is interested in getting on in life and realise that they need to continually develop themselves in order to be successful in the ever moving world of business. They work with enthusiasm and always look for opportunities to prove themselves in order to move up the career ladder either as an employee or as a ‘one day business owner’.

If you hope to move your career forward with an attractive salary or have a dream of being your own boss and the maker of your own destiny, you need to think about your mindset. I have listed below the two types of employee mindsets I have personally come across.

An employee’s mindset who is not interested in developing themselves, but somehow expect to be successful and paid well:-

  • They have a continual sense of ‘I am owed’
  • Expect to be given everything
  • Not prepared to give anything extra unless they are being paid
  • Take no responsibility, if they can’t sort things out during their working hours, they just leave whatever it is to manifest into a problem without a second thought


If you want to move forward and be successful, with this type of ‘employee mindset’, you will fall at the first hurdle, guaranteed. However, have a look at this alternative list of an employee’s mindset who is interested in developing themselves and maybe one day have their own business. See if you can identify yourself in any of these more positive behaviours.


  • Enthusiastic and interested in learning
  • Prepared to invest their own time in training as they realise it will benefit them and prepare them for their future
  • Try to learn as much as they can about the business and work towards promotion
  • Delight clients to the best of their ability


Being self employed is a completely different story, it requires a huge shift in your psychology and means you have to start taking responsibility for your business and your future. If you are planning to develop yourself and your business you will need to put the hours in. In the past, as an employee, you will have ‘expected’ to be paid for these things, now you are your own boss, it’s in your interests to give a good service to your customers and continually develop yourself.


These are the traits of a self employed person’s mindset who is on a mission to be successful:-

  • Always looking for opportunities for growth
  • Runs the extra mile and never ‘over charges’ the customer because something took longer than anticipated, they simply learn from the experience so they can give more accurate expectations to the customer next time
  • They take responsibility to prepare themselves for their day which may mean that they are probably working out of office hours. Because it is ultimately in their own interests, they do this with enthusiasm
  • They are always looking for good role models and personal development tools, you can tell how motivated a person is by just looking at their book shelf!


If you are a business owner with employee therapists, you might want to start observing which members of your team fall into which category. If you are an employed therapist, you may want to think about what you want out of your career and start looking at ways to either impress the boss, or start carving out your own business by developing yourself and learning everything you can on the job! Which ever it is…..Good luck!


With love