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AHFrancis Training - Accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists

AHFrancis Express Lashes

Accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists

Discover how to boost your earning power by adding this super speedy,
semi permanent, beauty guild accredited lash extension service
to your lashpreneur’s toolkit

Take advantage of our new online training and master Express Lashes
from home in less time than it takes you to give a client
a couple sets of lashes!

Now with 2 options:
online training only and online training plus products (best value)


Calling all fully qualified lash extension technicians ...

We've got some really exciting news for you.

In the past, if you wanted to add a new skill to your lashpreneur’s toolkit – such as the extremely popular Express Lashes – you needed to travel off site for at least a day (often a long way from home), meaning you had to give up your valuable time and you couldn’t serve your clients. This training costed you £££s!

Now, in response to many pleas for help, we’ve launched the first in a series of very exciting online training courses that are a vital part of your continual professional development (CPD) and, best of all, can be completed from the comfort of your own home (or salon) saving you time and money.

In less time than it takes to give one of your clients a full set of lashes, you can master AHFrancis Express Lashes and be ready to perform this service on paying clients with confidence and ease, meaning more money in your pocket. Plus, the Express Lashes treatment is so good that we guarantee your clients will be delighted and raving about you to their family and friends.

Find out how much it costs
Training only | Training plus products (best value)

What’s all the fuss about Express Lashes?

Express Lashes are similar to standard lashes in that they’re semi permanent eyelash extensions applied to a client’s natural lashes to create an amazing and glamorous look. But here’s the special bit … because of the unique application technique Express Lashes can be applied in just 20 to 40 mins! That’s way less than the 1.5 hours you need for standard lashes.

So AHFrancis Express Lashes are absolutely perfect for the chic city chick in a hurry, the girl-about-town who’s popping to a party, and the newbie who wants to try out lashes without committing the time and money for a standard set.

But don’t be fooled … whilst they’re quick, they’re truly sensational and are guaranteed to have your delighted clients singing your praises and shouting about you from the rooftops.

Find out how much it costs
Training only | Training plus products (best value)

Why would I want to do them?

Express Lashes take half the time of standard lashes and are a fab way to introduce newbies to lashes. You can then upsell them a full set of standard lashes once they’re in love with ‘the look’ and ready for the next stage. This makes them a great way to attract and retain more clients in your salon.

With Express Lashes you can have clients looking flutterly gorgeous in just a jiffy, creating a full look very quickly. They’re perfect for parties or special occasions as they only last up to a couple of weeks. So they’re a proven way to market your salon with ease as your customers are walking talking testimonials for you!

Who can do them?

You must be a fully qualified eyelash extension technician with an AHFrancis Diploma (or equivalent certificate from another training provider) and be insured. This course isn’t for you if you’re just starting out and it won’t teach you how to apply a standard set of semi permanent lashes. If that’s what you’re looking for click here.

What will I learn by completing your AHFrancis Express Lashes training?

Once you’ve completed our online training and have submitted your theory test, a copy of your Foundation training diploma, and your 5 Express Lashes case studies for our approval, we’ll issue you with your Express Lashes diploma. You’ll then be fully qualified to perform the Express Lashes treatment on your clients with confidence and ease.

We cover everything you need to know including …

  • The difference between Express Lashes and standard lashes
  • The benefits of having Express Lashes in your lashpreneur toolkit
  • The products you need and how to use them
  • The special Express Lashes technique, dos and don’ts
  • The client consultation, patch test and contra indications
  • The AHFrancis support available to help you on your journey

And there’s no need to worry about the theory test and case studies, we’re here to hold your hand every step of the way!

Speaking of products, what do I need?

As an experienced lashpreneur we know you’ll already have many of the products you need. So we’ve launched Express Lashes with an online training only option (click here).

However, we’ve also packaged up the training with a great value product bundle that we think you’d be mad to miss (click here)! In addition to your Express Lashes training your product package includes:

  • AHFrancis ProBlend Plus glue
  • Multipack C Curl 0.07 lashes
  • Multipack J Curl 0.07 lashes
  • Multipack C Curl 0.2 lashes
  • Multipack J Curl 0.2 lashes

Find out how much it costs
Training only | Training plus products (best value)

Alison, have you gone mad?

You might be wondering how I can teach you this skill online in less time than it takes for you to serve a client, when other providers are taking a whole day (often more). Well let me enlighten you.

We used to teach Express Lashes in the traditional way as part of our Masterclass Training, along with other client delighting techniques such as Party Lashes, Cluster Lashes and the like. More often than not, even though we were teaching multiple skills, lash technicians were mastering them in a jiffy and they didn’t really need a full day – we’re a talented bunch after all.

So we went back to the drawing board to come up with a better solution. And then it hit us, you’re already qualified and practising lashpreneurs. You’re highly skilled and already a master of your trade. We asked ourselves, why not teach Express Lashes online? And that’s what we’ve done. Best of all, our online training is now Beauty Guild accredited, so you can be absolutely certain you’ll learn what you need.

And it’s as simple as that… great training, quality products, superb support. AHFrancis really does stand for everything a lashpreneur needs!