3D Volume Fan 0.10 D Curl

Our 3D volume fan lashes have been especially made so that they have a smooth base and are incredibly light to wear. These lashes have 3 lashes on each stem.

The 0.10 width is the maximum recommended thickness for volume lashes without stressing the natural lashes.

They give lots of volume to clients with thicker lashes without weighing down and stressing the natural lashes. Build them up to create an amazing look. Perfect for clients who want a dramatic look.

The lashes are available in 7, 9, 11 and 13 mm lengths.

Each pack has 12 rows of lashes with 20 3D stems on each row giving a total of 240 stems per pack.

Our lashes are made from synthetic materials and are suitable for vegans.

For beauty professional use only.
As low as £17.34 £14.45