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What do all clients want?  They want to look great, and younger if possible right?  What if you could offer this service to them at the same time as doing beauty treatments?  If your only source of income is doing lashes and you’d like the opportunity of earning more while giving clients the skin they want, this opportunity is for you.

Offering Skinglo to your clients means you can earn extra cash without having to ‘do’ extra work?

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Give clients results

External factors all contribute to the appearance of our skin; from make-up and sun exposure to stress and air pollution, our skin is slowly losing its vitality year by year.  If your clients say they’re suffering from a tired, dull complexion, or are worried about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they won’t be feeling good about themselves.  They may be investing money in topical treatments, but sadly this won’t be replacing lost collagen at a deeper level.

The only way to see real, long-lasting change is by encouraging our body to repair itself from within and keep our collagen levels topped up.

Skinglo has the science behind skin ageing, the causes, and what we can do to slow down the signs.  Skinglo is designed to  give  beautiful, youthful-looking skin for longer. 

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