Having goals are important.  Even more important is aiming for something specific and properly planned!

If you gave a woman a bow and arrow and told her to, “SHOOT!” her first response would probably be, “At what?”  When there is no target there is no point in shooting right?.  She could shoot the arrow anywhere and wherever the arrow ended up would be where it ended up.

On the other hand, if you gave the her a target and challenged her to hit the bulls eye – everything changes. Apart from the fact it’s much more fun! You now gave her something to aim at, something that challenges her, something to measure her progress with, and something that gives all of her effort  purpose.  All this happens by adding in a simple target.

That’s what a goal does to a someone’s life – It changes everything.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached”

You were given a life so “live it.

Everybody in this world has a different set of circumstances, different set of skills, and a different set of opportunities.  You’re a lashpreneur with the world at your feet.  Where do you want to go?  Do you want to trundle along as you are, or do you want to go for it?  Well if it is the latter, you need to decide what ‘go for it means’.

One of the best way to create a goal is to make the  SMART goals.  SMART means:

Specific – what exactly is your goal?  Why do you want it?

Measurable – how will you measure your success?

Achievable- is it achievable?  Identify requirements and constraints.

Realistic- is it realistic?

Timed – when do you want to achieve it by?

Go for it ladies!
With love