Facebook is great, its a good place to keep up with what’s happening whether you are just there as an individual or you are there promoting your business. We regularly update our Facebook page with news on lashes, tips on techniques and a splattering of gossip.

Facebook was started by a bunch of Harvard University students just in a restricted area in the USA, gradually increasing the number of universities and eventually opening up to high school students followed by anyone over the age of 13.  In May 2005 there was a $13.7 million investment and now over 200 million people have a facebook account, that is an awful lot of people!!!

Facebook seems to be the happening place, and if you are not there, you are really missing out!  Over the years facebook has created all sorts of advertising features and income streams, and good for them, they are earning big bucks out of the Facebook frenzy.

One little thing that has upset lots of people with facebook pages is that unless when people click ‘add to interests’ when they like your page, they won’t see any of your posts.  They want you to pay for this service.   We would like to think you are seeing our posts, as we promise there is some interesting stuff there, so pop on over to our page, click the like button, and tick ‘add to interests’ to make sure  you get everything on  your wall.

That applies of course to your own pages, so please post your pages on our wall so we can like them and add them to our interests!!!!

See you on Facebook!

Love and best wishes

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