These days, social media is ubiquitous; it’s everywhere and there’s no way to escape it! And most of us don’t want to! I spend a lot of time out of the country, and Facebook and Twitter are a great way to keep in contact with my friends everywhere. These days social media is increasingly used for businesses to promote their wares. If you’re not on social media chatting to your clients, you can guarantee your competition is – and your clients will notice that!

Here are a few top tips for you to help make sure your eyelash extension business is out there and being noticed:


  • First and foremost: Facebook! It’s still the largest social network out there, and a fantastic way to show your eyelash extension customers and potential eyelash extension customers what you can do for them. Set up a page for your business (not a personal account or a group; they just don’t work as well for businesses), and make sure you’re active on it. Post photos of the salon, eyelash extension treatments you’ve done for clients, the staff, anything. Make sure you post at least once a day, and use the “insights” option on your page to target your posts at the right time of day.
  • Special Posts! If you have a fantastic eyelash extension offer or deal coming up, spend a bit of time putting together a fantastic post to tell people about it. Consider using a photo with a little text (words like “free,” “discount” or “win” will instantly grab attention). Post the details of the offer, and ask your followers to like and share it. You could also consider spending a little money on “boosting” the post in order to get it to as many people as possible. A great way of getting your name and eyelash extension treatments out there for all to see.
  • Check out the competition! Have a look and see what other eyelash extensions salons are doing – not just locally but nationally! A great way to do this is to look at the AHFrancis Facebook page, and see our “likes” – we try to like all of our customers’ pages. There’s nothing wrong with looking at other pages for inspiration and ideas, as long as you don’t cross the line and steal content.
  • Use Twitter! Twitter is different from Facebook in that it moves a lot more quickly, so you really need to update a lot more than once per day. The content of your updates should be the same though: what you’re up to, who you’re looking forward to seeing today, any eyelash extension special offers you have on at the moment. You can use a free program like Future Tweets or Tweetdeck to schedule tweets for every couple of hours through the day, so that you’re not constantly Tweeting (which will be bad for business if your client is sitting there waiting for her eyelash extension treatment!).
  • Think about what you post! We all have one of those friends on Facebook who’s always whining, always writing status updates that are clearly designed to get the maximum amount of attention and sympathy… do you enjoy reading those updates? Remember with your Facebook business page and Twitter account that they are for your business. It’s fine to post things that are not strictly related to your business (inspirational quotes, jokes etc) but remember that those updates represent your business and your brand. You want people to feel uplifted by your presence; try to always be upbeat and optimistic. It’s fine to join in local campaigns for something like free parking or school closures or something, but don’t post about it too much! Unlike with “friends” on Facebook, people will not think twice about clicking “unlike” or “unfollow” if your page becomes irritating or monotonous!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? If you’ve had something work really well for you – or something that went really badly – share it with your fellow lashpreneurs here in the comments or in the AHF Goddesses group on Facebook, and we can all help each other to achieve great things!

Have fun!


Alison x