Spring is the perfect time to delve into your stock cupboard and see what eyelash extension products are  hanging about.  Do you have bottles building up in the cupboard?  Are there products bought 18 months ago, that have not managed to sell?  Remember all the time  they’re there  in your cupboard, it’s money tied up.  Money that you could either buy new or different stock,  or simply, more money to treat yourself.   It’s money that could be better spent.

Anything that you and your staff are not talking about, or enthused about, believe me, will not sell.  If you’ve spent a fortune on training girls to do body treatments and you are not selling any, ask the Therapists what they think about them, You will probably find a lack of eyelash extension bookings is down to the simple fact that no-one is promoting it.  Get your Team together, and start coming up with campaigns to get your clients excited about whatever it is you would like to sell.  Here are a few other things you could do:

Offer  half price products with treatments.  When clients book certain treatments, create gifts.  It’s always better to shift things than to leave them hanging about.  Even if you make a slight loss on the product, you gain by selling something else.

Do a charity raffle and get some free publicity.

Two for one offers are always tempting.

Re-display merchandise and make it look irresistible.

Send an e-mail promotion round.

Talk about it!

Enjoy your promotions!


Alison x