Do you take sugar in your tea? Or are you more of a fruit smoothie, health kick kind of person?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about sugar, and the effects it can have on our bodies. These days, we all consume so much sugar in our diets that we probably don’t notice any effects on a day to day basis – but they are there. It’s kind of like if you have a tumbler dryer or air conditioning unit going in the room with you for a few hours. You don’t notice the constant hum – until it stops, and suddenly you can hear yourself think!

Sugar has been linked to all sorts of illnesses, the most obvious being Type 2 Diabetes – but what many of us don’t realise is that sugar lights up the same parts of our brains as a class A drug. It is hugely addictive, and added to a staggering amount of foods these days. Even foods you might consider to be healthy, like low fat yogurt, cereal bars or those fruit smoothies you have in the mornings. Or those packaged fruit products we put in our children’s lunch boxes as a healthy alternative to crisps.

It can also be handy to know that sugar can cause concentration problems and a general “brain fog” that makes it hard for us to think clearly. Most people will respond to that by thinking, “wait, I eat sugar in my diet and my brain doesn’t feel foggy!” – again, think of the tumble dryer. It’s been there so long, none of us notices it! But switch it off… and who knows what might happen!

Working in the beauty industry is tough. We’re on our feet all day, making conversation with clients while we make them look and feel gorgeous. We always have to look our best, and appear happy and approachable to our clients at all times. Often if we don’t have time for a lunch break it’s tempting to just grab a can of soft drink to pep up our energy levels, maybe a cereal bar or some other snack between clients. Just one can of soft drink per day increases your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 22%. That’s a big increase and not a risk any of us can afford to take.

I’m not saying you should cut all sugar out of your diet; that would come with one heck of a come-down. But start with cutting sugar out of your tea, or switching to only drinking water, and just see if you notice a change. You might also notice your clothes beginning to feel a little loose, since sugar is the main culprit in that weight gain we’re all trying to avoid!

Alison xxx