Well, yes, we think it does.

We are regularly asked by customers what our lashes are made of. Here at AHFrancis we take animal cruelty very seriously and are proud to say that none of our products contains animal derivatives or has been tested on animals.


The mink that are used in the production of the real mink lashes are frequently kept in cramped cages, with no access to the outside world and are bred purely for their fur.  People in the mink industry will say that the mink are gently combed but having seen images of thousands and thousands of pelts hanging up to dry before being treated, I’m not entirely sure that I believe them.

Once the mink has been killed, the pelts have to be treated and sterilised before they can be used. This process involves using harsh chemicals to strip and clean the fur.

The difference

Our lashes are made of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate), a type of polyester that is heated and then moulded into the different curls before it sets. This also means that unlike mink lashes, they will not lose their curl when they get wet.

Whilst mink lashes are very light, modern manufacturing processes have developed over the years and the weight of synthetic lashes has dropped. There are now so many different widths, lengths and styles of lashes available to suit a wide variety of clients. Our lash range includes widths from 0.05 up to 0.25 – all designed to be as light as possible.

The lash extension market has developed massively recently, meaning you can create a huge range of looks for your clients, from very natural to incredibly dramatic.  Just look at our flat lashes or volume fans if you need more convincing.

All lashes, whether they are mink or synthetic will grow out after a period of time. Some salons will say that mink lashes last longer as the porous nature of the fur means that they fix to the natural lash better. This may have been true in the past, however, with the creation of our flat lashes, this is no longer the case. Our flat lashes have their ends very carefully shaved so that there is a greater surface area for the lashes to bond together, meaning that they will last longer.

You can tell your clients with confidence that AHFrancis lashes are fully synthetic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. What’s not to love?