Well having been in the beauty business now for one quarter of a century, I have seen some changes!  AAAhhhh, looking outwards into the abyss of the beauty industry, and in the mirror!!!!  Yes, the ageing process is something that we are all scrabbling around trying to halt!!!

It is quite normal now to pay over £150 for a beauty cream, just pop into Harrods and browse the beauty department.  In the salon of course, there are all sorts of facials and non surgical face lifts available, but do they work?  One thing that we have to careful of is our integrity as without it, your business just will not survive.  You can’t sell things that, deep down, you don’t believe work, neither can your staff, if you try and get your staff to sell treatments and products they they don’t believe in, it will be the kiss of death for sales.  Just because something is expensive, it does not mean it will work.  My suggestion to you is ‘do your due diligence and make sure you are convinced, right to the core of your being before making an investment in a new product or treatment, or you could be making a very expensive mistake.  As a previous salon owner, I learnt the hard way and I would like to help you learn from my mistakes and heart ache, at least that way I feel it all had a purpose…go on, please humour me!!!

There are two major things that presently go on in the world of beauty, the first, of course, is the war against the effects of time, and the second is that no-one has enough time. It’s important, as a beauty therapist and salon owner to know what clients want?  In my opinion:-

1.  They want to stop the ageing process

2. They want it quick!!!!!!

Years ago when I had my salon, it was all about relaxation and nurturing the soul.  I had sumptuous Decleor treatments with all those amazing oils, the salon had a continuous scent of  Aromessence Angelique, as that was the oil I used most of.  My clients used to come in, in the winter, I used to tuck them up on a heated bed, candle lit room and soothing music while I scrubbed, nourished and massaged their skin.  They left glowing and always re-booked before they left!!!  This is one aspect of our business, the problem is, these days, no-one has the time unless they are taking a day out and are in the Spa!!!  I personally never book a facial in a salon, I always wait until I can get to Limewood (my favourite sumptuous 5 star New Forest spa) and indulge.  I have not time to go to the salon in my working day and leave with my hair stuck to my head which means I have to take another hour to rush home hiding so no-one sees me and get a hair wash….It’s just too time consuming.

When I go to the salon, I want treatments that are quick and efficient and I want results.  This I feel, is the current trend, effective treatments in a flash!!!  If you want to survive in this weird economic climate, you need to be offering treatments that will mean your clients go out looking better than when they came in, or treatments that give lasting results.  These treatments include all lash and brow treatments, anyone coming into your salon will benefit and look better for having these treatments.  I know we all get fed up of waxing, but this is bread and butter stuff, a bit like a haircut, its a must, we all have to do it!!!!  Quick manicures and pedicures are great treatments to offer and anything else that gives results and makes a difference.  Remember if clients are coming into your salon and taking precious time out of their day, make sure you give them something that works and makes a difference.  A guarantee that they will come back and tell all their friends to pay you a visit!!!

Go down your treatment list and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it work?
  • Is it good value?
  • Will it make a difference?
  • If clients spend their time having this treatment do I know they will be pleased with the results?

Be honest and you can’t go wrong!


Alison x