Have you ever wanted to create a group of like minded people that you can bounce ideas off?  People that won’t pooh, pooh your aspirations and encourage the highest in you?  Do you sometimes feel all on your own trying to run a business and get stuck with wondering what to do next and where you are actually going?

Well I have often felt like that in the past, but now I never feel alone as I have created a wonderful peer group over the last 10 years that feed and encourage my goals and support me in challenging times.

Women, I think, are loyal and strong especially when you find those that you are aligned with.

One of the things we have created is a breakfast club.  I am present when I can be, otherwise I am a Skype guest!  We get together early and have a broccoli breakfast!!!  Yes, you read that right. Because we are all aspiring to be the healthiest we can be to enjoy life to the full and be as productive as possible, we don’t do champagne breakfast, we do a green breakfast.  Now I am not saying champagne is forbidden, we have our own way of celebrating with champagne, but breakfast is strictly a healthy affair.

So what on earth do you have for breakfast I hear you say?  Well a green juice is a must.  That consists of cucumber, spinach, carrot, live greens powder, apple, avocado and a dollop of Udos oil (omega 3,6,9).  That is our coffee, when that goes down, every cell of your body will be rejoicing.  As we are saying cheers to that, the broccoli is getting steamed, rye bread toasted and hummus pulled out of the fridge.  When that is ready some Braggs liquid is poured over the top.

The topic of conversation is always exciting, it can range from health to business and relationships, but it’s always with a positive perspective from our peers.  We are all open to learning, growing and being there for each other.  I feel so lucky to have created that in my life, I would like to encourage you to do the same.

Find a few women you admire and aspire to and invite them for breakfast…literally that is it.

Have fun…if you want the juice recipe…let me know!

Love Alison xx