We all know that we should do a consultation with every client … but do we always do them?

It’s easy to dismiss a consultation as a formality, something that eats into your time when you could be earning money, but a consultation is where your service begins. It sets the tone for everything that follows, and you’re really selling yourself short if you don’t take the time to do it properly.

[blog-header]”Of course, the main reason for a consultation is to ensure there are no contraindications, but you are also demonstrating to your client that you know what you’re doing. You want her to be completely satisfied with her treatment – and you can only do that if you know exactly what her expectations are.”[/blog-header]

So where should you start?

Begin by finding out more about your client and her eyelashes. Note her eye shape and discuss the possibilities that could work well for her. Chat about her lifestyle and age, and determine whether they have an impact on what’s possible. Most importantly, find out what look your client wants to achieve with her new eyelash extensions: natural, dramatic, over the top? And compare that to her natural lashes. Are they thin, sparse, thick, abundant, short?

Manage her expectations by being honest about what is a realistic outcome. You will need to discuss what’s possible for your client with what you know about her, her lifestyle, and her existing lashes in mind!

Find out how much time your client has. If she has a lot of time, perhaps she could have volume lashes? Do be realistic about how much time volume lashes take – usually over three hours. So it’s probably not a great fit if she’s only got her lunch hour!

Ask why she is having her lashes done. Is it for a special occasion? Then perhaps Express Lashes are the best option for her. If she wants to save time on her daily beauty routine and have gorgeous lashes on a more permanent basis, then offer her individual lash extensions. Make sure she knows what’s involved with this, how long it will take, and how often she will need to come back for top ups.

Discuss thickness and curls. Whilst you’re an expert on curls, lengths and thicknesses, this is a whole new language for your client. And remember that a lady with super-straight lashes is never going to hold O-curl lashes; she’s much better off with a J or B-curl.

Finally, give her a time and prices – this should be the last of several steps, not your starting point 🙂

Here’s the thing. If you want to give your clients a great service, the consultation is really important. Done well, it will help you to stand out from your competition. Enjoy a nice cup of tea together, show that you are genuinely interested in your client as a person, and agree the look you’re going for. And she’ll be raving about you to all of her friends before you’ve even laid a finger on her!

Alison xxx

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