The Names B, Miss B

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Last week I happened to be in London and went to see Skyfall at the Leicester square cinema. Amazing, even with a ticket I had to queue for 15 minutes to get in.  I was exhausted before the opening number had even started. Action action action and that was the intro, suddenly  Adele’s gorgeous voice melted over me as I sat in a rather lovely leopard print chair with a bucket  of popcorn.  Oh I love the glamour, I’m sure that Berenice Marlohe had had a lash lift, her eyes looked lovely  and Daniel Craig obviously liked them (lucky girl).

Cleverly the Director had added some modern touches to the plot and cast somewhat different crew. I won’t give anything away, but I can see how important it is to move with the times and I think I will l ook at my salon with fresh eyes and see if there are any little tweeks I could do to make it bang up to date. I will also make sure that I advertise my lash lift service, for perfectly wide eyed beauty. Take a peak at our course designed by the Lash Lady herself!

Until we meet again then Mr Bond, it has been a pleasure.

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