Christmas is coming and everyone is getting focused on looking good for the coming festivities and presents!!!  In business, we are always looking for ways to create unstoppable client loyalty.  We want eyelash extension clients that will  keep coming back, clients that trust us and clients that recommend us.

First and foremost, you have to be a Master at what you do, you have to be efficient and do eyelash extension treatments that clients will be happy with.  This is obviously fundamental, you have to start here!!!!

Next, the environment should be welcoming, clean being number one, flowers are a bonus and always make one feel welcome, and make sure you offer your clients refreshments!!!  How about some mini mince pies on reception, or chocolates?

Generosity is the next point.  Being generous gets you noticed, and if anyone has done any psychology on reciprocation, you will know that the more you give to someone, the more they feel compelled to give back.  That means, your clients will want to spend more with you and they will want to recommend you.  Generosity comes in many forms.  Try to be as generous with your time as possible, don’t shuffle clients out the door as quickly as possible, make sure you finish conversations, make sure you are present during conversations and remember what they say.  In fact, write down the topics of conversation so you can ask her how its going next time she comes in, she will  love it.  Then there are little gifts.  Your clients will be so grateful when you give them something on occasions like birthdays and christmas.

Here are some ideas:

  • Little single boxed chocolate
  • Keyring holder with your salon name on
  • Pens with your salon name on
  • Beauty gifts such as the Lash Card
  • 10% gift vouchers
  • A glass bubbly when they come in the week leading up to christmas

We are sure you can get very creative with very little investment, but it will make a huge difference.

Have a great weekend.


Alison and Miss B