Are you always running late for things?  Perhaps your clients are always late… perhaps you give them permission to be late, because you are always late? Perhaps they know there’s no need to rush to get to you, because you’re usually running late any way.

The other day I had a hair appointment. The whole thing took two and a half hours, when it usually only takes a little over one hour. I was waiting for the appointment, waiting for a shampoo, waiting for the cut… by the time I left the salon, I’d had to cross out several things on my to-do list because I’d run out of time!  I was not best pleased!

When you’ve booked an appointment for a certain time, and then you’re still waiting for it to begin twenty minutes later, how does that make you feel?

On the other hand, when you are always running late, it sends a message which says “I think my time is more important than yours.” That’s not a message you want to send to your clients! It’s important to ensure you are always on time for your appointments.

So how do you make sure you keep to schedule?  For a start, I would recommend booking 15 minutes between all of your appointments. Don’t freak out; I know it sounds crazy, but just imagine how much more smoothly your day will run, if you have a few minutes between clients to prepare!  Talking of preparing, that would be my second tip. Try to get to the salon a little earlier in the mornings and prepare for your day. If you know you have several waxing appointments, ensure you have plenty of wax and waxing strips ready on your trolley so that you won’t have to waste precious minutes stocking up half-way through the day. If you have lots of lashes to do, ensure you have plenty of glue, the right lashes and so on. Try to be as organised as possible when preparing for your day, so that you aren’t flustered by mid-morning, running around playing catch-up!  A little extra planning in this way will help you to feel much more relaxed – and this relaxed feeling will be passed onto your clients. You will easily gain a reputation for always being on time and organised – and that’s something all clients will appreciate when they’re popping in to see you for a quick treatment on their lunch breaks or before the school run!

Once you are always on time for appointments, you can be more strict with a client’s lateness. You do of course have that extra 15 minutes to allow for if someone is genuinely running late, but once that quarter of an hour is up, you should be strict as it’s not fair on your other clients – or you – to run outside of appointment times. You should also have a cancellation policy written clearly in your salon reception and on your website.  Clients will begin to take you more seriously if they see you valuing your time and yourself more….don’t let you hear yourself saying ‘oh don’t worry, no problem’ to the client that is always late and forever letting you down.  Be a bit more business like and they will respect you for it!!!

Be a bit more scary!!! 🙂

Love  Alison