What’s lurking in your Lashes kit?

Make sure your Lashes kit is clear, useful and ready to go.

Spring is the perfect time to delve into your stock cupboard and see what eyelash extension products are hanging about.

When was the last time you checked your kit for stuff you never use?  Are there bottles of glue leaking into the bottom of your kit box?  Is it dusty?

Do you use everything you’ve got in your kit?  Did you inherit a kit, and don’t know what to do with half of it?

I suggest you tip the whole lot out on a large piece of couch roll and start having a clear out. Old adhesive may go off and it will certainly loose it’s staying power.

Start with adhesives.  Which adhesives are you using and which are just sat there taking up space?  Check the expiry dates and if they’re old, chuck them out.

What about the lashes?

Have you got strips of lashes curled up and stuck to the bottom of your box?  Clear them out and start a fresh.

Once you’ve cleared out the old, you can start thinking about what you do actually need.

What treatments are you doing most of?  Classic Lashes?  If that’s the case, make sure you’ve got enough sizes so you don’t get caught short.  It’s a great idea to have a few multipacks in the kit, so you’ve always got those odd sizes you don’t use a lot of, but you need for some people.

If it’s Rapid Volume, what’s your favourite depth, thickness and curl?  Make sure you’ve got a good selection.

If your Jade stone looks like like it’s been dipped in tar, give that a good clean, and get yourself some glue dots so you can keep it that way.  It’s not nice for the client to catch sight of a filthy Jade stone.

Make sure you’ve got the accessories to make your life easier, and dump anything that’s not useful.  That will make you feel lighter for sure.

What about your Lash Lifting kit?

Have you got old glues with the glue congealed around the top just left there?  Are your sachets organised properly and have you actually got what you need?  You don’t want to get caught with just the lash lift solution and now neutralising solution?

What about the shields, have you got the right sizes so the next time you get an impromptu appointment, you have a selection of shields?

Lastly, get some spring flowers in the salon, have a good look round at anything else hanging around in your salon.

If it’s not useful or beautiful, dump it!

Enjoy the spring ladies!