It’s Christmas time again ladies.  The party season is our busiest time so we’ve put together some tips to help you make the most of the opportunity to promote lashes.

1  Brush up on your skills

Are you ready?  Do you have the skills you need?  As the industry has moved on, it’s no longer enough to offer one type of lash treatment for all your clients.  These days, you should be in a position to do bespoke treatments for every woman that comes in the door.

As you know the right lashes depend on the client’s own natural lashes, what she wants, and of course, what’s possible.  Natural thick lashes can take almost anything, but fine delicate lashes will need another solution like Rapid Volume 0.05 3D to give her the volume without the weight.

If you’ve done your basic training, all you need is a Rapid Volume workshop to get you up to date so you can offer fabulous volume lashes in a fraction of the time.  Remember, Christmas is the time when you need to get clients in and out as quickly as possible and give them lashes that will make them feel gorgeous.

You’ve still got time to get yourself up skilled before December.  If you want more information about training, click here.

2  Stock up

Remember that postage gets slower in December.  It’s a good idea to stock up so you can tick stock orders off your list and focus on doing treatments.

Make sure you’ve got the most popular lashes in and remember to add the extras for more glamour like Rapid Volume.  Don’t get caught out without a remover and take a look at the tools you could have in your kit that would make your life much easier as a Lashpreneur like the Inspection Mirror and the Lash tile.

Don’t forget to make sure your client looks after their lashes by sending them home with a sealer and a lash comb. That will also add a bit more profit onto the treatment for your piggy bank!

3  Be realistic

We know that you’re superhuman, but trying to squeeze too many clients in a day doesn’t help you or them.  You could risk rushing treatments and end up with a queue of frustrated clients in reception because you’re running late.  Give yourself time to breathe!

Gently remind your regulars that your diary is beginning to fill up for December and encourage them to book now to avoid disappointment.

4  Don’t let it slip

We know you’re busy, but letting your standards slip is a no-no. You MUST still do a patch for clients new to lashes.  Remember, getting them to sign a disclaimer is not sufficient and will invalidate your insurance. Christmas is not a time to risk ruining your client’s Christmas because they’ve reacted to the adhesive and you didn’t patch test.

It’s just not worth ignoring the importance of a patch test.

5  Don’t do it all yourself

Now is the time to get someone to help you. Even if it’s just answering the phone or cleaning the room in between clients. There’re always people who want extra work at this time of year. I bet your clients have teenage daughters that woud love to help in your salon for a bit of extra cash.

We’re here to help

Don’t forget that we’re here to help you. If you have any questions or need some advice, pick up the phone and call us on 01722 329829. Don’t suffer in silence.

Let us know what your tips are for a stress free, happy Christmas.