Ask clients to come without mascara or at least not waterproof mascara, it takes ages to remove some mascaras!

Put 5 lashes on the left, then 5 on the right and keep alternating, that way, you won’t be waiting for glue to dry or sticking all the lashes together and then having to unstick them!

FastLash dries super quick and it does speed you up!

Make sure you have absolutely everything you need on your trolley before you start so you don’t have to get up and get things

Using a Uband really speeds you up as it fans out the lashes ready for you to pick up

Storing a Uband for each client is a great way to save time and stop wastage. Simply ask you client if she would like to put a deposit on her lashes, you cold give a discount, and then you will save yourself loads of time!

Get your client to relax rather chat the whole way through. Chatting moves the gel pad and you keep having to replace it. It also makes you work slower. Have nice music in your salon for her to listen to!

Keep your lashes in good order so you can see which lashes are which. Trawling through loads of packs of lashes will hold you up. Label them brightly, it helps!

Express lashes are super quick as opposed to standard extensions, consider converting ladies that keep leaving it too long between infills and expecting to pay for infills when really they are getting a new set!