#1  Give clients the lashes they always wanted

The Lash Lift is my favourite treatment…whoops did I say that in the midst of the Eyelash Extension Revolution?  Personally I have very disappointing naturally dead straight lashes and discovering the lash lift was  a magical experience for me. I realised I actually ‘had’ eyelashes, and they were not as short as I thought they were. The lash lift, in fact gave me the lashes I always wanted and never thought I could have! You can truly WOW your clients with the lash lift.

Nothing worth having wasnever achieved without effort(1)

#2  An alternative treatment

If you want to run a successful lash service, you should offer Lash Lifting.  What are you going to do with the clients that can’t have or simply don’t want lash extensions?  Having the Lash Lift on the menu will make sure those ladies don’t look for another salon that gives them choice.

#3  Extra revenue

Having the Lash Lift on the menu will draw more people into your salon for starters, but also, those ladies who want to rest their lashes from extensions could be having this treatment instead.  Otherwise, they’ll not be coming to your salon at all if you have nothing else to offer.

Fire over your questions

I guess you’ve realised by now that I’m in love with the Lash Lift and after all these years my passion for this treatment is very much alive. I’m taking questions, so I’d like to invite you to ask questions about the lash lift by commenting below.