Top three reasons why you need to offer the Lash Lift


#1  Give clients the lashes they always wanted

The Lash Lift is my favourite treatment…whoops did I say that in the midst of the Eyelash Extension Revolution?  Personally I have very disappointing naturally dead straight lashes and discovering the lash lift was  a magical experience for me. I realised I actually ‘had’ eyelashes, and they were not as short as I thought they were. The lash lift, in fact gave me the lashes I always wanted and never thought I could have! You can truly WOW your clients with the lash lift.

Nothing worth having wasnever achieved without effort(1)

#2  An alternative treatment

If you want to run a successful lash service, you should offer Lash Lifting.  What are you going to do with the clients that can’t have or simply don’t want lash extensions?  Having the Lash Lift on the menu will make sure those ladies don’t look for another salon that gives them choice.

#3  Extra revenue

Having the Lash Lift on the menu will draw more people into your salon for starters, but also, those ladies who want to rest their lashes from extensions could be having this treatment instead.  Otherwise, they’ll not be coming to your salon at all if you have nothing else to offer.

Fire over your questions

I guess you’ve realised by now that I’m in love with the Lash Lift and after all these years my passion for this treatment is very much alive. I’m taking questions, so I’d like to invite you to ask questions about the lash lift by commenting below.

Your Comments

  1. Vanessa Hastings on

    Hi Alison

    What is it and how is it done?

    Yours sincerely


    • Alison Francis on

      Hi Vanessa, did you ever add lash lifting to your treatment list? Best wishes Alison

  2. Steph on

    How much is the lash lift course ?


  3. Davina on

    Hi ☺ i’m intrigued by lash lift after being someone who is used to lash extensions. If you have a lash lift, how long would you have to wait if you decided to go back to lash extensions? I read somewhere that it is 3 months. Is that right??

    Many thanks

    • Alison Francis on

      Hi Davina, you would need to wait until the lashes are back to their natural state again (approx 2 months). It is a super treatment and a great alternative to eyelash extensions.

  4. Ingrid on

    Hi I would love to offer Lash lift to my clients I’ve only ever offered ah Francis Lashes I love them and so do my clients but would love to add Lash lift to my Lash treatments. I live in Newcastle and wanted to know where I can do the training
    Kind regards

    • Alison Francis on

      Hi Ingrid, our training partner offers superb Lash Lift training. Karen Gunning is a superb trainer. If you have not already, please do contact them. My very best wishes Alison

  5. allison spence on

    hi there ive offered you eye perm for years and now the dolly lift which we love !!
    I heard you are going to be offering a new range for the eye perm instead of synergie but will the dolly lash lift stay the same??
    also can you advise is the synergie and dolly ingredients the same ?
    many thanks x

    • Alison Francis on

      Hi Allison, sorry about the delay in responding. I’m currently in the process of creating a new line of products for the lash lift/perm. It will be the same if not better as the Dolly Lash! Please do keep an eye on the weekly newsletters. With love Alison xx

    • Lorraine jones on

      How does the lash lift differ from the lash perm? Does it take less time, is it more successful,does it last longer ?

      • Sandra Hamilton on

        Hi Lorraine,

        The basic difference between the lash perm and the lash lift is the result.

        As you know, with perming you’ll use rollers which will give more of a curl back – depending on the roller size used.

        Many people today are looking for an open-eyed look which the lash lift gives because you use shields instead of rollers. The size of the shield will create different lifts. i.e. the smaller the bump of the shield, the higher the lift. The bumps on the larger shields will give you more curvature but less lift.

        Thanks for the question and I hope that helps.


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