Having mentored and spoken with thousands of lashpreneurs and salon owners over the years, we understand that foundation training is only the beginning of your journey.

The truth is many beauty therapists initially struggle with eyelash extensions and need on-going support after they’ve qualified. And the most successful lashpreneurs are always learning and developing their skills.

Whether you or your team have recently trained and are struggling to get properly started, or are already flying and looking for new lash skills to boost your business, our eyelash courses have everything you need.


Rapid Volume Training

Rapid Volume Training

Once you are qualified and have some experience under your belt, you will want to increase your skill level and the range of treatments that you can offer your clients.  Our Rapid Volume workshop is perfect for lashpreneurs who want to do just this.

The Rapid Volume workshop has been developed by Alison and will teach you the skills you need to create full volume looks on your clients.  The workshops are taken by our fully qualified trainers in a number of locations around the UK.


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Lash Lifting

Lash Lift technique

Add this fabulous and hugely popular treatment to your ‘menu’.

It is such a versatile treatment that is perfect for clients who don’t have lash extensions – or are taking a break – or for anyone wanting a gorgeous, natural look we minimum fuss whilst on holiday.

You will learn how to use the shields, perming and setting lotions in combination. The different effects you can achieve depending on the choice of shield and how to maximise the use of the Lash Lift glue. Our training partners will work with you and support you so you are fully confident in this skill.

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Qualified but not confident?

If you’ve not used your skills very much since qualifying or would like to be more confident then consider a refresher or conversion course with one of our training partners.

If you feel your basic skills could be better, or you’ve never really cracked isolating lashes for example, then contact our training partners to discuss what would really help you.

Don’t waste your time and money signing up for other courses before you’ve mastered the fundamental techniques.

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Loads of free resources to get your lash clients spending more money, more often

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