Need Bespoke Training?

If you are a salon owner and have several staff that you wish to train, please contact us here and one of our training partners will get straight back to you.

Foundation Training, Rapid Volume or Lash Lift Training

Training dates are available below for all of our training courses.


October 2018

Monday 1st October – Salisbury (Foundation)

Thursday 4th October – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Sunday 7th October – Northumberland

Monday 8th October – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Thursday 11th October – Salisbury (Foundation)

Sunday 15th October – Northumberland

Monday 15th October – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Thursday 18th October – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Sunday 21st October – Salisbury (Foundation)

Monday 22nd October – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Thursday 25th October – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Monday 29th October – Salisbury (Foundation)


November 2018

Thursday 1st November – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Monday 5th November – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Thursday 8th November – Salisbury (Foundation)

Sunday 11th November – Northumberland

Monday 12th November – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Thursday 15th November – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Sunday 18th November – Salisbury (Foundation) and Northumberland

Monday 19th November – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Thursday 22nd November – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Sunday 25th November – Northumberland

Monday 26th November – Salisbury (Foundation)

Thursday 29th November – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)


December 2018

Monday 3rd December – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Thursday 6th December – Salisbury (Foundation)

Sunday 9th December – Northumberland

Monday 10th December – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Thursday 13th December – Salisbury (Lash Lift)

Sunday 16th December – Salisbury (Foundation) and Northumberland

Monday 17th December – Salisbury (Rapid Volume)

Thursday 19th December – Salisbury (Lash Lift)


If you can’t see what you are looking for, please call customer service on 01722 329829  Our courses and dates are flexible and may be changed to suit you.