Tricky Lash situations


We’re often faced with tricky situations. It sometimes creates dilemmas between safety and loosing money. I always choose safety. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll become known for your expert professionalism. Never take risks with your clients, they won’t thank you for it.

Eye laser surgery

You have a new client who has just had eye laser surgery.  She didn’t tell you at the time of booking and she’s made an appointment to have her lashes done a couple of days after the consultation. You’ve booked out two hours for her and she’s excited because she’s going to a party. What should you do?  Cancel her appointment.  I would not touch anyone who has had eye surgery for three months. The golden rule:  If in doubt, leave it out!


If your client calls to say she is pregnant and asks if she can still have lashes, your answer will be yes. The only recommendation I would give in this case is to make sure you are using a no fume glue.  If the client is worried about anything and starts creating all sorts of complicated scenario’s and says she is has become allergic to this and that and her eyes feel a bit funny:  The golden rule:  If in doubt, leave it out!


Clients who have had the terrible misfortune to be having chemotherapy treatment are likely to loose their lashes. You simply can’t do lashes on these ladies. The best you can do is give her a supply of normal fake lashes and a good eyeliner so she is not too bare around the eyes.

Dry eyes or eye allergies

Some clients are prone to weird dry eyes or allergies, I’d prefer to give these ladies an eyelash lift. This is why it’s important to have an alternative for clients that aren’t suitable for lash extensions, you don’t want them going down the road because you haven’t got anything to offer them.


Clients that are fidgets and chat the whole time make your job more difficult.  When they’re chatting, there cheeks are moving, as is the gel pad, and you can’t focus on getting one lash isolated. Best just to invite her to relax and let her know you need her face to be still. She won’t mind if you explain why.

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  1. Laura on

    I had a client few days ago that had an allergic reaction to the eyelash extensions, her eyelids were swallen , even if i did the patch test 48 hours before

    • Alison Francis on

      Yes, that could happen. The important thing is that you covered yourself by patch testing.

  2. Gemma Lawrence on

    Hi would you lash lift a 14yr old I have patched test and and have written consent thanks

    • Sandra Hamilton on

      Hi Gemma,

      Thank you for your question.

      As you are aware, anyone under the age of 16 years must have written and signed consent from a parent/guardian and the parent/guardian must be present during the treatment. This is standard for all beauty treatments and will be a requirement of your insurance company.

      I would also make sure that they are fully aware of the procedures required for removing the lashes if this a one off treat, before you apply the first set.

      I hope that this helps


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