It’s important to be using the right glue for many reasons. I’ve listed below a few considerations to help you choose a the right glue.

Consider the client first

Does she have sensitive eyes?  If she does, you absolutely have to use ProBlend+.

How experienced are you?

Let’s say that your client does not have any particular sensitivity and you are an experienced Lashpreneur who does lashes all the time, you probably want to go for MasterLash.  You’ll want the benefits of the quick dry so you can get on with the job.

What technique are you using?

If you’re doing express lashes, you’ll want ProBlend+ especially if you are using the technique of stretching the lid.  When you do that, the eyelids separate and the eyes are susceptible to any glue fumes.  Remember, the vapour is attracted to moisture and the eyes are moist.  If you ignore this, the clients eyes will sting and you won’t be very popular!

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose your glue wisely.




A little bit about each glue Key qualities
MasterLash Our most recent release. MasterLash is a new generation, very high performance glue that’s perfect for experienced lashpreneurs.  MasterLash has an even faster setting time than FastLash and is extremely durable. It should only be used with closed eye treatments.
  • Very strong, with an ultra fast setting speed. The fastest of all our glues.
  • Ideal for advanced technicians and clients with an active lifestyle who are looking for a very high endurance glue
  • Has a slight fume


Well established in the marketplace, FastLash continues to impress with an exceptional setting speed. It should only be used with closed eye treatments.
  • Very strong, with an extremely fast setting speed
  • Ideal for advanced technicians
  • Has a fume


ProBlend+ continues to be one of our bestselling glues. It has a slower setting speed than our other glues, yet produces fantastic results. It’s perfect if you’re still building confidence and speed in your applications. It’s the only glue we recommend for bottom lashes, Express Lashes, and clients with sensitive eyes.
  • Strong, with a medium setting speed
  • Thicker consistency than our other glues
  • Ideal for both new and experienced technicians
  • Ideal for clients with sensitive eyes
  • No fume – clients can open eyes straight after treatment


I hope that’s helpful!