Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my lovely lashpreneurs! I hope you’ve not missed this fabulous opportunity to pamper your eyelash extension clients even more than normal?

So obviously, with it being Valentine’s Day, you’ve pampered all of your clients, sent a card to your partner and spent the week sending out loving good cheer into the universe…

But what about yourself? Whether you’ve a partner or not, you deserve to be spoilt. And even if you have a partner, that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a little treat from time to time. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse!

One thing I did for myself at Christmas was to send a little present… to me! Nothing too fancy, just something small with a little card saying “I hope this makes you feel great!” Do you know what, I completely underestimated the effect it would have when it arrived! It sounds daft, but it’s one way of making sure you get something nice to open on Valentine’s Day! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself, perhaps by booking in a treatment or massage for yourself after a hard week of pampering everyone else.

Another lovely way to take care of YOU is to have dinner with yourself. I don’t mean chuck some fish fingers under the grill while you’re watching Corrie! Cook a proper meal – one that requires more than one pan! If you’re on your own after a busy day at work, it’s easy to just eat whatever is quickest but don’t you think you’re worth a little more than a ‘ready meal for one’? And really, if you don’t treat yourself well, how can you expect anyone else to?  Do your hair and make up, put on a nice outfit, and have a sumptuous, candle lit dinner, just you, yourself and you. Ooh, you could splash out on a nice bottle of something. Maybe not drink the whole lot, but a nice glass of organic good quality wine is a real treat. Might sound weird, but it is a fun experience and expression of self love, something we have a hard time doing right?!

I love this beautiful poem by Rumi, it always make me smile:

Have a wonderful evening ladies.



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