Retailing in the salon is not always simple and its easy to forget and get lost in just doing treatments…..However, there are only a certain amount of hours in a day which means there is going to be a point where you just can’t earn any more, even if you wanted to!!!  You need to be intelligent about how to increase sales without increasing the amount of hours you are working!

This is where retailing will help you.  Never under estimate how much difference adding a few products to the order value of your client can make.  Lets take an example:-

Mrs Smith comes in every three weeks for lashes, which means you will be seeing her roughly 17 times in one year.

Let’s say you are charging her £35 every time she comes in for her top up, so that makes her spend £595 for that year.

If you had a variety of products in the salon that she may be interested in and you could up her spend by £25 each time, instead of her spending £595 with you, her yearly spend would be £1020.

Now, I know that does not sound so interesting, however, if you did that with 50 clients, here is what happens:

50 clients spending £595 per year = £29,750

50 clients spending £1020 per year = £51,000

You have just increased your turnover by £21,250 – Not bad for very little effort.  All you need to do is to have a variety of things clients could be interested in.  So here are some great examples of wholesale products your clients are likely to buy:

Sometimes therapists feel a bit weird about selling products to their clients and this is where a bit of a change in perspective helps.  Imagine you were a client at a hair salon, your hair is really dry at the ends and you are desperate for something that would help…so you book a haircut.  The hairdresser is a bit shy, but does a great job of cutting your hair.  She has a fantastic conditioning treatment that would be ideal for you, it would really help with the dryness and put back the shine,  but she does not mention it because she is frightened that you might think she is trying to ‘sell’ to you just because she wants to get her commission…..No, no, no….what she is doing is a dis-service and if you knew that she had that there and did not mention it to you, how would you feel?  Disappointed I think would be an appropriate word.  So girls, stop thinking selling, and start thinking service!!