One of things I wanted to write about this week is wastage.  In particular this week, I found myself throwing away stuff that has been bought unnecessarily. I then started to look back on my business life and thought about what I could share with you to save you the trouble!!!

Lets start with printing…..beware of printing giants like and vista print! Don’t get me wrong they are efficient and very competitive in price.  This is all very well if you actually use everything you print.

Chances are you will get persuaded to print thousands because its cheaper, but then you end up with thousands in your cupboard gathering dust and out of date because you have changed your phone number, the price or your website and they are no longer useful!  Also with the way technology is moving, people look on line for information.  Most leaflets just end up in the bin.  My advice is to print less, print quality and print ONLY what is absolutely necessary!

Now, lets move into the treatment room.  If you are a business owner you will be using tissues, cotton buds and cotton wool like they are going out of fashion. You, as the business owner, might be a bit more careful, but guaranteed if you don’t encourage your eyelash extension therapists, they will not necessarily think before they grab a handful and chuck, even if they were unused and were just left on the trolley! So if you are a therapist it would be good to re-assure your boss that you are careful with all those disposables as that will win you brownie points, and if you are a salon owner have a meeting about wastage.  Believe me, you will be burning money!  One might think, well its only 5 cotton buds, but do that 5 times a day, that is 150 per week at £1.50, so over a year that is costing you £78 per year.  Now remember that is just cotton buds.  What about cotton wool, tissues, couch roll, not finishing lash tint and opening a new one before the old one is finished.  What about all those tubes that are thrown away before you cut them open and finish the contents.  It all adds up and is certainly worth thinking about.

Now let’s move out to your retail shelf.  What have you got in your cupboard that you ordered and now is just sitting there?  Be careful with your ordering and one of the most important things you can do is listen to your instinct.  If something inside of you is feeling weird about that purchase order of £3000 on the new skincare line, take a step back and ask yourself why…..Do you really like it?  Will your clients like it? Will your clients buy it?  What are the benefits? Is there are market for it?  Asking intelligent questions will save you money!!!

Now assuming you have made some expensive mistakes, once you have exhausted all the possibilities of using it, have a clear out.  Old, dead mistakes will just drain your energy.  Do your bit for recycling and be done with it.  Take a deep breath, move on and remember what you have learnt!!

Love and best wishes

Alison xx