What about the competition?


I had a long conversation with a eyelash extensions therapist this week about how on earth one competes with someone who is undercutting you to the point of no return??

This particular eyelash extension therapist said that her competitor was doing lashes for £20 a full set…impossible I hear you say….well, yes I agree with you.  There are a couple of things to remember when researching your competition and worrying about people being cheaper than you.

Firstly, cheap is not always best.  There will always be those who are on a budget and those who can afford to pay for a bit of quality.  That is why there is Waitrose and Tesco!

Being someone whose hobby is olive oil making in Italy, I understand now why cheap olive oils are cheap. Fundamentally, you can’t produce the quality of the expensive olive oils for less.  Really, it is such a labour intensive process that if you want rich green olive oil, sorry, but it’s going to cost a bit more.  If you are prepared to pay that little bit more, you get organic olive oil without pesticides that tastes marvellous on your salad.  I think you are probably getting where I am going with this?

So, eyelash extensions…..You want to do a good job for your client and you want a nice environment to reflects a professional lash technician right?  To produce that, you will have expenses.

For starters, you have to get to your place of work, so that is petrol and car usage, you need wholesale eyelash supplies, you paid for training.  Stop there, not only did you pay for training, you invested lots and lots of time in getting good at what you do, now that also has a value that has to be factored in. There is the time you are spending doing lashes that is your ‘earning time’, time that, let’s be honest, you could spend doing something else if you are loosing money?

Whilst you might love doing your clients eyelash extensions, you don’t want to be loosing money while you are doing lashes, after all, you are supposed to be earning money.  What does one do?

1.Be a secret shopper and actually see what you would be getting for £20.

2.Promote yourself as the expert and be proud that you know what you are talking about.

3.Care about your clients, make sure they get a good experience with you and follow them up.

4.Market yourself as the expert, write a blog, do social media, offer to do demonstrations and talk about your trade to women’s groups, etc etc, the list is endless.

5.Don’t surrender to it, be fairly priced and proud, and make sure you are authentic.  People will soon pick up on the professional energy you give off, and they will never want to go anywhere else.

I remember when I was a therapist, I used to do lots of waxing.  I really wanted to be more specialist and not do so much waxing.  I thought surely if I put my prices up, I may loose some, but at least I would be earning even if I was waxing…well, I never lost one client. Even though they could get it half price down the road, they knew if they came to me, they could get a half leg wax in 15 minutes, go away with hairless, stickyless legs.  They knew if they went down the road, they would still end up with tufts of hair on their knees and their legs would stick together as they therapist left wax on the bikini line!!!

My advice:  Be proud of what you do and be fairly priced.



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  1. Nichola on

    Just as I was thinking of doing an offer on lashes because of cheaper salons near by…. A lady asked my advice about a set she had applied somewhere else.
    I gave the advice & left her to think.
    She then asked to come in for removal & for me to do a full set for her.
    Happy is an understatement & she has recomended others to me now.
    Happy days.

    • Alison Francis on

      Fantastic, maintain quality for a fair price is the way forward! That way everyone is happy…Thank you so much for taking the tie to comment. Have a wonderful weekend. Alisonxx

  2. Maria Jones on

    Hi Alison
    That was me you were talking to about lashes and guess what ? I sat my client down after 3 years of this battle and for the first time gave her why she shouldn’t use the cheap ones and low and behold she has booked with me for our fab lashes. You really gave me a boost that day . Thank you.

    • Alison Francis on

      Fantastic! xx

  3. Rebecca on


    This is a very important issue. I have recently gone back to mobile from renting a space within a gym. I was constantly putting on offers etc to keep up with the salon along the street charging half my prices but using awful products and terrible customer service. A member of the gym once said to me, ” Your half price is their full price.” I explained I used a high quality wax which is better for the skin etc. She said, ” wax is wax to me!”
    I tried a cheaper wax on a friend, regular client and colleague as a trial, they hated it, came up in spots and said it was more painful. I threw it away! I would rather have happy clients and a good reputation. Worry about the people that are willing to pay. It’s business at the end of the day and a lot of us Therapists have families to support. I was too soft for too long.
    I also found a Lash Technician following my business on social media and undercutting massively. I booked a treatment and understood that a quality job, great customer service and not smelling of smoke is why people are happy to pay the asking price.
    I always give a follow up text the next day to see if my client is happy. Have a refer a friend & loyalty card.
    When people look in the mirror after their treatment and are over the moon and tip you at full asking price, that is when you feel proud after years of not giving up.
    Hope that wasn’t too boring..
    Thanks for listening and bringing up such an important subject.

    • Alison Francis on

      Hi Rebecca

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, your story will be very interesting to AHF Blog readers. It’s important not to be afraid of undercutters down the road….Thanks again! 🙂

  4. Caroline on

    It is important for your prices to be not cheap! I personally feel that it cheapens yourself and gives the impression that you are desperate.
    Do value yourself!
    The trouble is some clients as they do not understand the costs of your training, time, decent products and even your advanced training courses that you no doubt, had to travel far away to.
    But some clients do appreciate it!
    To be honest, the clientelle I have value me, I do not want those type of clients who want cheap and cheefull.

    • Alison Francis on

      Here..here! 🙂

  5. Tara fisher on

    Here here!
    Stick to your guns! People will only get cheap lashes done once, sadly it ends up costing them more in the long run

  6. Aimee on

    I spoke with you earlier Alison about how things are branded can affect how they are advertised and confuse/mislead clients. I get lots of potential clients come to me and ask why my prices are more than other salons that offer ‘individual’ lashes. Usually I only need to ask how long them lashes took to apply and they reply 20 mins or so you know in fact the ‘individual’ lashes they had were what I would describe as ‘cluster’ lashes (a bulb with 4/5 hairs attached), they are though branded as individual.

    I had a client compare my prices for gel nails with a salon and they were £5 cheaper so she went there. I saw her a few days later, they weren’t shaped and no cuticle work and she wasn’t happy with the finish. We must all have stories like that. Maybe I should explain in more detail what the treatment involves.

    I think we’re all sometimes guilty of comparing things by price and trying to find the best deal but you’ll often end up spending more to put right. There’s some clients that would drive 10 miles further at the thought of saving a couple of pound on the treatment price not realising the price of their petrol would outweigh the saving. Some clients visit a different salon each time chasing the deals. I often need to remind myself I don’t want those clients; I want the loyal ones!

    • Alison Francis on

      Thanks so much for the comment Aimee, you are completely right…Stand your ground, remain professional and clients will stay loyal to you! Love Alison xxx

  7. Jayne on

    I have often been described as being ‘professional’ compared to other therapists by my clients. A good tip for all beauticians out there is to send a polite text to your clients 48 hrs before their appointment to remind them of their appointment time. I always text new customers who book an infill after their full set to confirm their attendance within 48 hrs of their appt just to make sure they are attending, it allows you to keep your bookings up to date and let other customers know of any cancellations. I have been an eyelash technician for 4 years now and I am very very busy…..

    • Alison Francis on

      Thanks so much for the comment Jayne, very useful for our lashpreneurs! Have a wonderful day! x


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