I was talking to someone about bottom lashes the other day and remembered our dear Twiggy…..This photo (you can click on the link to find the source) shows her classic look. Great big eyes and great big lashes!  In those days, eyelash extensions did not exist, it was just extremely thick mascara and if you wanted bottom lashes you had to paint them on!!

If you have bottom lashes like, mine, even if you put the thickest mascara on, you can never achieve big bottom lashes.  What is more, if you pile the mascara on the bottom lashes, it will probably run or smudge.  If you put tough waterproof mascara on, well all I can say is jolly good luck on getting it off!

So, in conclusion, the only way to get sumptuous bottom lashes is to add eyelash extensions!  As a company we resisted the temptation to promote bottom lashes until we could find a technique that was safe and did not involve applications with the eyes open.  Other companies were doing it and we were horrified!  Open eye techniques are a definite no-no…..very, very dangerous for two reasons.  The first is that the tweezers are needle sharp, you will not get a second chance if the tweezers slip out of your hand and into the eyeball of your client.  The whole industry would be turned upside down, so absolutely NO OPEN EYES PLEASE!  The second is that you can’t afford to allow the eyelash extension glue to accidentally drip into the eyes, that would also be very nasty. Glues, depending on the strength and type of glue can also have fumes which will severely irritate the eyes.  Whichever way you look at it, you absolutely must have the eyes closed during these lash extension procedures.

We experimented for a number of years until we came up with a ‘safe’ technique that we were prepared to start sharing with others.  The technique we now promote is a safe closed eye procedure and is part of the Master Lash Technician training.  You must attend a course if you want to be able to offer the bottom eyelash extension technique for insurance purposes, no experimenting on clients!  We should respect our clients’ trust and not pretend we have done training when we have just checked the technique out with a friend.  Proper supervised certificated training is a must!

The looks that can be achieved with the bottom eyelash extension technique are varied depending on the client, but you can create a subtle youthful look with our 0.07 lashes, or something a bit more Twiggy like with a 0.2mm lashes. Safely done, it looks really beautiful!!!

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