I recently came across an article in a Sunday Magazine – “the telltale differences that show who you are”.  It reminded me of the responsibility we have as Lashpreneurs to help clients make the right choice and make sure we’re skilled in our work.

What came to mind is the difference lashes can make.  Good and bad…

The quality of lashes has improved incredibly over the years giving you more and more choice.  I’m always looking at people’s lashes, obviously with a critical eye!  Sometimes they look amazing and only I would know, other times they look terrible.  You know the ones that are all the same length, not graduated at all, and completely wrong for the face they adorn!

Some people still shy away from having lashes as they think it’s going to put them into some type of gawdy category and shy away from having them.

Your job is to show them how amazing they look by wearing them yourself!

Just a few looks to think about

Barely there – she doesn’t want anyone to get a whiff of her false lashes.  Try 3D 0.05, light as a feather, but discreetly full!

Posh – likes subtle, so don’t give them 0.25 D curl whatever you do!  Try Flat Lashes for the extra glamour without the weight.  Still traceless.

Sophisticated – glamour without being over done.  Make sure she’s got plenty on. Try 3D 0.10 B or C curl

Glamour girl – young party lady.  Try 5D 0.10 in C curl.  Fabulously full and a little obvious!

Chav – the bigger the better.  If she’s got thick natural lashes, pile them on big time!

Remember, one size does not fit all, and you’ll need to really get the feel for the type of client you’ve got in front of you.

Don’t get stuck in your ways.  Experiment!

The big message is that having lashes makes us feel a million dollars and gives us the confidence to hold our head up high!  Let your clients know they’re worh it!

This is how Alison felt when she had lashes again after a couple of years